Saturday, October 1, 2011

One week....


One week out. I am frustrated with my not at all budging weight but it is what it is. I guess that is life and maybe I should have stopped with the little licks tastes and bites. Ugh. Oh well. Doing two shows back to back is REALLY hard mentally and emotionally. I am SO dang tired that I literally feel like I could sleep at any moment in the day. In fact I DO sleep at a lot of moments in the day. Final week to really push myself. I am going to kill it with the cardio. HIIT, combat whatever it takes I will be doing it. I will carb deplete again and hope and pray that I lean out a little more. I also fixed my posing and found ways of making my "lower body" look smaller. Hopefully they will put me in the right height class this time too, that surely would help :/

My list of recipes that I want to make is growing by the minute. You bloggers and your amazing recipes. All this food porn is making me CRAZY :) I can't wait to try some of them though!

Today we have spent the day painting (in between gym sessions of course) and tomorrow we will finish up and HOPEFULLY have the "room switch" finalized. I am really excited about having a bigger room, and a better bathroom. Whoop!

I hope you all are having a fantabulous weekend. I will be back with more soon!


  1. Stay strong - you're nearly there!!

  2. stay strong!!!!
    what may help during peak week:
    do 3 a days cardio-30-60min steady state fasted morning cardio,another 30-60 after workout session,and a final 30-60 minutes about 1-2hrs after doing PM cardio after dinner,it will help push out any excess water under your muscles-it also further depletes the glycogen stores so that when you do fasted morning cardio you are more apt to dip into fat burning mode sooner...
    also the night before the show,lather preperahtion H on your midsection or wherever else you may be holding any extra water,nd then cellephane wrap yourself as tight as possible. this will draw up any subcutaneous water you are holding! its a quick fix-only lasts about 12hrs,but it works!be prepared to touch up tanning in the AM though bc the cellephane wrap will be full of water and you will be smudged. just get a baby wipe,wipe off and reaaply tanner...
    anyways,just hang in there girl!!!
    6 more days!!!!!

  3. Melissa, those are great tips!!