Thursday, June 28, 2012

Our Girls Trip...

I went on a little (MUCH NEEDED) vacation with Janetha and Amanda last weekend! We drove to St. George on Friday morning big thanks to our boss for letting us stay in his house there ;) Once we arrived we went straight to lunch at a cute little place called The Painted Pony, it had rave reviews.  Food was good, company was even better.  These girls crack me up.  We have TOO much fun together.  After we ate we headed back to the house to get ready for the pool.  It was HOT.  We laid by the pool for a couple of hours and decided to hit the outlet mall.  By the time we left there it was 9 pm and we still hadn't had dinner.  But we had big plans on making Janetha's famous pizza and we couldn't wait.  BUT first we had to stop by Nielson's Custard and pick up our dessert... which we ate.... on the drive back to the house...

Finally the pizza was ready, and it was SO worth the wait.  It was delicious.  I got full really fast though, thanks to that dang custard!  After that we (we as in Amanda and I) did some dancing... and I am pretty sure we got a wiggle or two out of Janetha until we bored her right to sleep.  Amanda and I ended up staying awake until about 2 or 3 talking and laughing and plotting practical jokes on our sleepy friend.  We had a gooood one and we couldn't wait to put it into action.

The next morning we were off to Vegas.  We had big plans of hitting up Trader Joe's first thing.  We brought our trusty coolers with ice ready and waiting.  I am anxiously awaiting Trader Joe's arrival here in Salt Lake City.  After that we headed to the Las Vegas strip, we parked the car at the MGM because that was where our show was going to be later that evening and started walking. We had lunch at a cute little sandwich shop, and dinner at Diablos which was really good food, and outstanding service.  We let them know we were in a bit of a time crunch and they had us out before we knew it.  In a nice way.


Dinner... so so good

We had tickets to see KA.  It was pretty good, I have seen Mysterie and I think I enjoyed that one more only because it seemed to have more acrobatics in it.  KA was fun, the story line was easy to follow and it was something that my kids would have loved to see. It was more of combat and though it had some cool stunts I like the trapeze type stuff.

Couldn't leave without playing my favorite game for a few!

After the show we decided to go do the ride on top of the Stratosphere.  I have done it a few times in my life, and though I have done it before I was freaking terrified.  I don't know what my problem is but the older I get the bigger of a wuss I become.  I always have these irrational fears.  What if it doesn't stop at the top and we just keep going and going and going and going..... plus it was dark and it is even scarier at night.  I am pretty sure our faces say it all... and yes... I laugh cried.

On the way home Amanda decided it was time for our joke on Janetha.  I was SO excited to get it started.  We had a 2 hour drive back to the house, it was like 3 am and we had to do something to wake us up a little.  SO... at the MGM I snuck into the magic shop and picked up one of these.... ha ha ha

Now one thing you have to know about me is that I don't even pass gas in front of my husband.  Never have, and never will so you can imagine what a shock it was when Janetha heard some strange sounds coming from the back seat... "oh sorry" I would say "my stomach hurts a little"... bahahahaha!  I laugh every time I think of it.  Then the BIG one came... and she looked at me... just completely confused and said "WHAT the HELL was THAT?  Are YOU even HUMAN?"  We died.

Our last morning there we were told that we had to have breakfast at the Bear Paw.  The food was okay... but the service was awful.  Here are some fun pictures end our awesome trip with.  Love these girls.  Had so much fun!

Monday, June 18, 2012


I've kind of been in a funk.... not really sure what to say, not really sure how I am feeling.  I am here.  And that is about all I can say!!!  I will snap out of it.  In the meantime I figured that I better at least write a short post about what I have been up to.

I am still LOVING GPPfitness.  I love the workouts and though I have missed a few here and there, I do try and do the ones I miss at home, or at my local gym.  That's what I love most about them.  Its great to be there, around everyone but its also great to be able to do them anywhere.  If you haven't looked at the workouts you should.  They are posted daily (for the next day).  They WILL challenge you. If you are a local to the area and want to give it a try I encourage you to do so.

I am still working.  I love my job.  I love the people I work with.  I feel very blessed to be where I am.  In fact I love the people I work with so much that I am going to St. George with Janetha and Amanda THIS weekend... and I am beyond stoked.  I need a break.  So. Dang. Bad. Can. Not. Wait.

My diet, is well.... a diet... some days are easy, some days are hard.  I could be better.  I could be worse.  that is all I am going to say about that for now.

Utah Bloggers Potluck, put together by Janetha... this is going to be a great opportunity to meet each other and make some new friends.  Anyone is welcome.  If you are interested in attending feel free to contact myself or Janetha!  I am really looking forward to this!

Date & Time: Saturday, June 30th at noon
Location: Liberty Park: 1300 South & 700 East in SLC. I will scope out the area this weekend and let you know the exact area.. but I am thinking the southeast quadrant.
What will be provided: napkins, utensils, plates, bowls
What to bring: a dish to share with everyone--ANYTHING goes, a beverage for yourself, and your camera!
Who can come: absolutely anyone! Bring your spouse, kids, friends, whoever. Please make sure to note on the spreadsheet how many people you will have with you so we can ballpark how much food we need to make and bring. 

That's my update for now.  I will definitely be posting a recap of our weekend away...