Saturday, October 15, 2011

Birthday Boy!

I can't believe I have an 11 year old.  It can't be real.  They grow up too fast.  Way too fast.  Peyton is such a great kid.  He is smart, funny, and loving.  He is very artistic, and good at it!  He is always the one to stick up for his friends, or his sister (unless we are at home, ha ha ha).  My kids are polar opposites.  Peyton is my serious kid.  He actually reminds me a little of myself.  He is quiet, neat and tidy and a thinker.  I remember as a very young toddler he would ask questions that just blew my mind.  Always thinking.  Always wanting to learn.  He loves video games, computers, reading, and would rather be home than anywhere else.  My little homebody :)  Here are some fun pictures of Peyton.

 I kid you not, 80% of pictures between age 4-8 he is dressed up as Spiderman

So handsome!

Peyton made this "rock band" out of bendaroo's... pure talent!

His goofy side

I love this kid!

Happy Birthday my sweet little (big) man!  Love you so much, I hope your day is the best.  You can bet there will be Pizza eating, and some cake too!  His favorites!

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  1. Aawwww. What a sweet tribute to your little man! Enjoy his day!