Thursday, February 21, 2013

Four planes

I don't talk about my kids a ton on here.  Even though they are pretty dang awesome!  I think I am pretty blessed if I do say so myself (and I do!).  There is a story that I just have to share, mainly because it was HILARIOUS.  So a little background first.  My kids are polar opposites.  My son (the oldest) is 12.  He is reserved, routined (I see that isn't a word, its giving me the squiggly red line but its a word in my mind so I am leaving it), stubborn (dare I say), matter of fact, a bit quiet, neat and tidy, and very VERY literal.  My daughter on the other hand, who is 9 is extremely (EXTREMELY) outgoing, which for this reserved mama can be a bit uncomfortable at times ;),  bubbly, a bit (ahem) untidy, she is your fly by the seat of her pants kind of girl, very spontaneous, though she has a temper if you tick her off (TRUST me), she is very easy going and pleasant, happy and eager to please.

See what I mean?  POLAR opposites.  They couldn't be more different if they tried. But they are great friends, and they truly get along well.  Opposites attract?

Anyway, back to my story.  Its about my son.  I was at parent/teacher conferences a few weeks ago and his teacher and I were talking about how literal he can be.  He and Pajha were sitting there listening to us visit.  His teacher just adores him.  She reminds me of Pajha actually. which is maybe why they are so great together.  Anyway, she got side tracked and said to me "Oh my gosh... I had no idea you guys used to live in Cyprus... that is amazing!  How did you guys get there!?!"

Peyton looks at her... and says in his matter of fact voice "well... we took like FOUR planes.  It was EXHAUSTING!"

We both just kind of sat there for a few seconds looking at him, waiting to see if he was joking.  Nope.  No joking going on there.  He was dead serious.  We both just started laughing.  He looked at us confused, and said "what?!?  We did... it took forever!" that did it.  We were DYING.

I still giggle every time I think about it.  However my sweet literal 12 year old taught me a valuable lesson that day.

When I wonder how I got here.  This moment.  Whatever moment it may be in life.  I took four planes. :)  Love my kids!

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Thank you!

First off, thank you all SO much for the support.  You have NO idea how much it means to me to know that I have support in the blog world :)  I love hearing from you guys!  Thanks so much!!!

Its crunch time.  THREE weeks out.  I am so excited.  As always at this point I start getting nervous.  I start doubting myself just a bit.  The "what if's" start nagging at me.  Truth is, all I can do is my best.  I know that I have lost a bit of muscle, which may or may not be a good thing.  I'm just not sure anymore.  I think with this sport you just never really know what the judges want and it differs from state to state... actually it differs from show to show.  I have been looking at recent results and I am feeling a bit anxious about how I am coming in.  Gah!  Not much I can do at this point unfortunately.

I will do some progress pics next weekend at two weeks out.

Here is what I am most excited for, besides the fact that I am competing my best friend Teresa is coming with me... we are making it a mini girls trip :)  We are staying until late Sunday night so that we can spend all day Sunday (hopefully it will be warm) at the beach relaxing.  We very rarely get any alone time without 5 kids (her 3, and my 2) tagging along so this is just going to be amazing.... I am so excited.  PLUS... she will get to meet some of my Cali friends and I cannot wait to see them as well!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Change of plans....

I'm not a very spontaneous person.  In fact, I am quite the opposite.  I like routines.  I like plans.  I do not like things getting in the way of said routines, or plans.  A couple of weeks ago I decided that I needed to get my body fat tested.  I have in the past had it checked at the gym using the pinch method when I was prepping for shows and in high school (years ago, we won't get into exactly how many year ago this was) I had it done a more effective way and I believe it was on the pretty low end back then for a female (in the 18-20 % range).  Anyway my friend and co worker Janetha has been trying to convince me to go to the University and get the Bodpod test done for a while now.  I have been terrified of this.  I don't weigh myself regularly.  I don't really like knowing my numbers.  It scares me but I do know that I have lost a bit of weight over the last few months and though it might be a good reference point so I went.  I was pretty surprised.  Pleasantly surprised actually.  I am glad I went and glad to have an idea as to where my body is right now.  Time to buckle down!

Now... I was planning on competing March 30th here in Utah, but as time is ticking (or not ticking) I am feeling like I am just ready... I started looking into some other shows and have decided that I am going to do a show in 4 weeks :)  March 9th! NPC Musclecontest 2013 here I come.  This has come up for a few different reasons.  One reason (not gonna lie) is because I'm freezing my butt off here (literally).  I am craving warmth, and something familiar, and honestly... I really miss California.  Plus its my favorite competition.  Its my favorite because it was my very first competition EVER back in 2009, and then it was one year later in 2010 that I came back and took the over all win for Figure and got my sword.  And if those aren't good enough reasons for you... I'm just ready you guys.  I'm leaning out faster than expected, and I am ready to kill it.  I have my suit (which is gorgeous!), I have my new heels, I have all the tanner I need.  The only thing missing is a plane ticket, someone to paint me and someone to stop me!

So.. what the heck am I waiting for???  California... here I come!

4 weeks out!  Whoop!

I'm still competing March 30th here in Utah too... I want all the stage time I can get this year in preparation for USA's (in hopes that I can get the nerves to go this year).

Monday, February 4, 2013

Memory Monday

I hope these are as fun for you as they are for me :)  I am loving looking back and reading some of my old posts from years ago about my crazy kids.  This one was my daughters school trip to the zoo.  She is a riot!  

July 31, 2008

Last Friday was Pajha's school trip to the zoo. I thought it would be fun to tag along with Peyton to get us both out of the house and get pictures of her friends and teachers. We had a great time! Peyton was the camera man and I have to admit he got a lot of fun pictures (and at least 50 self portraits of himself making all kinds of crazy faces). Above is Pajha and her best friend Julie. She is going to miss her so much when we leave. Julie came here speaking no English, and no Greek (she is from Poland) and now speaks both fluently. Amazing!Pajha's teacher, Mrs Lucia! I adore this woman. She has become such a great friend of mine and she is a wonderful teacher. Julie jumped up just in time to make it in the picture, so cute! Mrs. Lucia was Peyton's teacher first so she has known my kids since we arrived. It is hard to imagine not seeing her every morning and afternoon. Pajha adores her and keeps telling her that we are taking her with us back to America. She keeps asking if we have a suitcase we can squeeze her in. I wish we could. We love her to bits!Me having so much fun! He he!My little Princess and Julie playing on the slide!Awww... can you feel the love? I had to pull teeth to get them to stand together!Once Pajha's class all left we decided to stick around a bit longer. It was really hot and the kids found some sprinklers going and thought it would be a great idea to run through them. I thought what the heck... have fun! And they did!
Crazy kids!Here is Peyton, deciding it would be much more fun shirtless!
So of course, Pajha had to do the same!
The funniest part of the day was when Julie came up to me and said "give me a kiss!" so I did... well apparently she ran over to Pajha and said "your mom kissed me!". I was sitting there talking to Lucia when over comes a very angry Pajha. She stood there with her hands on her hips, tapping her foot and glaring at me! Lucia and I both started laughing and then she began to yell at me and lecture me for kissing her friend. It went something like this. "How dare you? How could you do that to me? Don't you want me anymore?" to which I replied "Pajha, what are you talking about what did I do?" well then she let me have it, "You kissed my best friend. Why would you do that to me? You're breaking my heart. I just don't understand. She's my best friend." (by this point Lucia and I are in hysterics). So I had to explain to her that it is okay for mommie's to give kisses to other kids, that doesn't mean that we don't love our own kids and that she will always be my very own little Princess. I told her to come give me a hug and a kiss so reluctantly she did then she said to me; "You have to promise me you will never do that again? Do you understand?". Understood! Sheesh! She is a jealous little one!