Monday, October 17, 2011


It has been a busy weekend for us.  With two birthdays last week you can imagine all the sweets and cakes that have been floating around my house.  Not so good on the booty but what can ya do?  You have to live a little right?  Sigh.

So far I have made a couple of the recipes I posted about a while ago that I was dying to try.  We had a family dinner last night so it was the perfect opportunity to make some yummy treats and not eat them all myself ;).

I made the Mini Pumpkin Pies from Dashing Dish.
I did two batches of the mini pumpkin pies, one as per recipe but for me they just came out way too sweet, it asked for 1 cup of splenda or sugar.  I cut that in half the second batch and they tasted perfect, I also doubled up on the wontons for the second batch.  One just didn't quite fill my muffin tins so I used two and got that pretty look I was hoping for!

I also made the Sopapilla Cheesecake Bars from Cookies and Cups.  Both were hits.  I did make a few changes to this recipe as well.    With the Cheesecake Bars I used a splenda/sugar baking mixture in the filling in place of sugar and used regular sugar for the topping.  I just wanted to make it a little more friendly on the waistline.  They turned out great though.  Mine weren't nearly as pretty as the "pro's" but tasted yummy!

Now these have my attention.... Chubby Hubby Bars... Oh yeah!

And how cute is this?  I am thinking this would be a fun treat for the kids... Spooky Eyes Pretzel Bark Cookies and Cups is one of my absolute favorite blogs for food porn.  I get a rush every time I look at it ;)

In other news... on the food front (like as in real food) mine has been as follows...
Breakfast has either been my favorite Oatmeal cake with cut up fruit and sugar free syrup or Almond butter or cereal.  I know.  I can't stop myself.

Lunch has been the same every day.  I take a sandwich thin, put a little mayo, mustard, turkey and some low fat swiss cheese, spray some butter on both sides and grill it up.  YUM.  I can't get enough of it.  Today on the side I had a handful (or three) of Pop Chips.  Anyone tried them?  LOVE.

Dinner has been whatever I feel like making.  It hasn't been super healthy.  Not gonna lie.  With family dinners and birthdays its been crap.

Snacks have been either carb master yogurt (so good) or fruit for the most part.  I have had cookies here and there and little "treats" but nothing too crazy.  Mostly home made (which means it has been altered to be a little better for you).

All I can say is I am so glad that Birthdays are done for a while around here.  Happy to get all this crap out of my house so I can not be tempted any more.  There is still a half a cake, and a carton of ice cream any takers?


  1. Yum! The things being baked in your house sound delicious, but I certainly understand the feeling of wanting to get rid of the treats!

  2. give me 12 days and i will glady stick my face in that cake,lol!!!!!
    and yeah the things you are making sound total yum!! once halloween gets here i will be in the same boat as you,wanting to get rid of the treats and refill with the healthy versions of things!
    sounds like you are on your way with finding the balance though-healthy eating with room for moderation...and some celebrations on occasion!