Sunday, October 9, 2011


This will be short and sweet.  I have a serious migraine brewing... been going on all day and it looks like it plans to stick around :(  The competition was a BLAST... I won't post all about it just yet... maybe tomorrow but I just wanted to pop on here and say that it was the biggest show Utah has had so far.  There were 13 girls in my class.  The competition was tough but I pulled through and after three weeks of two a days, I placed SECOND!  Whoop!  I am thrilled, and promise to write more about it soon!


  1. sweeeeeeeeeeeeet! hope you feel better asap!!!

  2. I'm sorry that you have a migraine....that's the ONLY reason we'll give you a pass for leaving us hanging!! lol!

    Congrats on your placing! Can't wait to read the recap & see pics!!!


  3. Congratulations!! I'm looking forward to the recap and I hope your migraine goes away soon :)