Friday, October 21, 2011


Since we spent the day at my sisters house yesterday we brought her son back home with us, he is just 6 weeks younger than Pajha.  They were dying to have a sleepover so I figured why not?  They had a blast and were up wayyyyy too late for their own good.  I was woken up this morning to my sweet nephew flicking my ear.  Ha.  Little stinker.  My sister planned to come out and pick him up so we made it a craft day.  She brought the crafts and her two daughters and the four of us crafted.  We made these adorable pumpkins.  My very first fall decor in my house.  Go me!

My sister (left) and my nieces getting their craft on

Our cute pumpkins, mine is on the far right!

My silly nieces hiding in the pumpkin patch!

The cutest little pumpkin around.  My Great niece Chloie!

My pumpkin's new home, maybe I should craft more often!

What a great day.  Now if I could get rid of this headache I have had for oh... a week straight everything would be perfect, ugh!  Happy Friday!


  1. SO cute!! I have ZERO fall decorations...need to work on that...have no time!

  2. Those are super cute! I haven't put any fall decorations out. I should probably do that.

  3. nice craft! I love crafts....I need to do more.