Monday, October 31, 2011

This is Halloween...

I don't remember Halloween lasting so long when I was a kid.  It was ONE day.  Parade at school, trick or treating.  Done.  My how things have changed.

His actual costume is Ghost Face from Scream however at a couple of our events this week masks weren't allowed so we improvised and painted his face.  I think it turned out pretty cool!

My creepy little man!

Here is my little Vampire.....

Although after being in her costume the majority of last week we thought she resembled Elvira, minus the insane amounts of cleavage!

"Boo" at the Zoo was a blast.  Trick or treating all while checking out some pretty sweet animals with your cousins?  The. Best.

Peyton refused to look at the camera because he didn't have his mask on.  Silly boy!

Trying to get a picture of 4 kids all looking at the camera when there is so much going on around you... nearly impossible.  


When Pajha got sick of the wig (which by the way went from looking awesome to looking like a matted ball of black fake hair) she let Daddy wear it.  Sexy.

And what would Halloween be without Spiderman?  Now that Peyton is finally "over it" its fun to see my sweet little nephew Zayne taking over that role!

So here is how our week went down.  I have more stuff to share but that will be for another post.  Gotta spread them out.  Wednesday we had our Primary Halloween Carnival.  The kids got all dressed up, played games and came home with quite a bit of candy.  Friday was the Halloween Parade at the school, and later that evening we went over to the local market, they were having a trunk or treat outside, and activities inside for the kids.  Again, we came home with way too much candy.  Saturday we went to the Zoo with some of my sisters.  The kids had a blast.  Trick or treating once again we came home with WAY too much candy.  Do you see a pattern here?  And tonight of course being that it is actually Halloween we will yet again go trick or treating and likely come home with more candy than I even want in my house.  UGH!  


  1. What a fun week! Sounds like lots of candy but lots of fun too!

  2. Yea, I got into OUR candy yesterday. Bad girl. =( Sounds like a fun week though!

  3. Looks like fun! Halloween is only just starting to become a thing here in Australia - I saw kids trick or treating for the first time last night! Very surreal!!

  4. Geez, girl! Even with that wig on, your hubby is kinda hot! ;)

  5. wow thats a whole lot of halloween!!!!!
    thats how it was last year with us....
    and you mentioned primary...LDS?
    we missed our wards halloween stff due to me not feeling good...ah well!
    i made up for it yesterday by getting into so much candy! gah!!!!
    anyways,love the pics!