Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Yo-yo... Fro-yo... Nuts?

Today was a really fun, MUCH needed day.  I got up early and hit the gym.  Mostly just to get it out of the way so that I wouldn't feel bad for not making it.  It wasn't because I wanted to.  It was one of those mornings.  I did a short cardio circuit and then I did a back/bicep circuit.  Took me about an hour total.  Done.  I came home, had some breakfast (an egg sandwich) and got my stinky self showered.  I met up with a few girls that I met competing for lunch.  We went to Cafe Rio (I had salad, no tortilla, no rice, no guac, no tortilla strips just lettuce, chicken, black beans, and pico).  Super good.  What was better though was the company.

You see I have a confession to make.  Remember that post about not really having those post show blues?  How I was feeling pretty dang good?  Yeah.  I lied.  I didn't mean to though.  I am not one to lie.  It just hit me this week. Totally out of nowhere.  It sucks though.  I am feeling really "down" like a yo-yo.  One minute happy the next I want to cry.  It is SO hard to go from the stage body... to this body... just try to imagine ;)  Anyway, I am working through it and trying to stay positive.  I know what I need to change (STOP EATING).  I can do this.

Back to lunch.  These women are AMAZING.  I feel like through competing I have just met some of the most amazing people in the world.  I feel so blessed.  Its great to have that support.  Someone to talk to that knows what you are going through, what you are feeling inside because lets face it, competitors are crazy... coo coo... totally freaking nuts.  We are!  You know it, I know it.  Its just nice to know we aren't completely alone in our madness.  I could sit and vent to my husband, my non competitor friends or my family for days but they really can't understand.  They can't put themselves in my shoes.  We need that support.

I had some frozen yogurt for a snack (it was a dang good snack too) and dinner was a chicken salad with Light Greek dressing.  I also had some carbmaster yogurt and a few other nibbles on things throughout my day.  Its time to get my meal plan into action.  Time for some consistency again.  Time for a plan!


  1. "Time for a plan!" Amen, Sister!! Can you make me one while you are at it?!

  2. Good luck with your plan! I always do so much better with a meal plan in place!! Oh and Carbmaster yogurt? SO good!!! I love it!


  3. I think this is why I'm not sure I want to compete again. I really, really, can't handle that after show thing. Even though you know it's coming. You know you'll eat all those yummy foods you didn't get for so long or craved for so long. I finally, just about a month ago, got back to a normal relationship with food again. I don't want to go back to hoarding a bag of m&m's in the corner, by myself, because I can mentality. I feel for ya. Like you said, you're not alone, at all! day by time, planning, you got it! =)

  4. Yay! Consistency and a plan is key. The yoyo-ness doesn't make you a liar. :) Enjoy yourself and your healthy treats. :)

  5. You're not a liar - more like the complete opposite of a liar!!