Monday, October 3, 2011

No tact....

Something has really been weighing on my mind since the last competition. I don't really know how to even get this out because I personally didn't experience this but when I heard about it I got really upset.

Those of us who have competed, whether it be once or multiple times KNOW how hard it is, how much courage and strength it takes. How vulnerable you are... its a VERY extremely emotional journey. Am I right?!?

So the judges told us after the show we were more than welcome to come see them for feedback. I skipped out on this. Bikini division was over at intermission and lets be honest... my best friend was hungry. Not me. Her. :) I wanted to hear what they had to say, I wanted feedback, I wanted to know what I needed to work on but I didn't want my pregnant best friend to starve to death. So we left.

A week later, I went to the BBS (Body by Sandy) posing clinic and meeting. I was really looking forward to seeing the beautiful ladies I had met the week prior again and catching up on all of our post show emotions. I just wanted to feel like there were others that related to me. I had no idea what had happened after the show and when I learned my heart ached. Apparently some of these judges were not very friendly. I get that when someone asks for feedback, you want to be honest with them, but do you want to tear them down and make them feel like they are wasting their time? I have NEVER in my life heard such things. I have done 8 shows now... this being the only one I didn't ask for feedback. The other 7 times the judges were amazing. They told me what my weaknesses were, told me what to work on, COMPLIMENTED me on the things they liked and told me to keep pushing that they saw potential in me. Do you know what that made me want to do? It made me want to WORK HARDER. Not give up. These judges had no tact. I am still shocked at the words they used with these beautiful women. They worked SO hard to be there, they worked their butts off, trained hard, and looked gorgeous. For someone to tell them they didn't belong there REALLY makes me mad. Like blood boiling mad.

What are your thoughts on this? Have you ever experienced a judge like that? I will say that all the shows I did in California, I did see some things going on backstage with the promoter. I heard him say some things about competitors that were not very nice. It upset me, I thought THEY ARE PAYING YOU GOOD MONEY TO DO YOUR SHOW. HAVE SOME RESPECT! But I will say that the judging though at times seemed a little political was usually pretty right on and they always gave very good, accurate feedback.

What makes me so mad is that EVERYONE has a story. Everyone is there for a reason, that needs to be respected and admired. That's all.

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  1. Wow, that's horrible! I can't imagine how awful hearing something like that would be. I've watched my coach tell girls they're too soft in certain places (when they look perfect to me!) and I'm already dreading that experience.