Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Dinner as a family

Now comes the part that I think every competitor struggles with... the "off season"... there aren't any more competitions (locally) until Spring.  Which means... I have to figure out a plan for now until then.  That plan can't be living in limbo.  I need some structure, a goal.  I think for me my main goal is to maintain (and if I lose a few I won't complain) a good weight.  I want to focus on really leaning out my legs.  I don't know how I will do this just yet. These legs of mine have never been easy for me to figure out.  I naturally have very muscular legs without really putting too much effort into them, but that is also where I carry all my extra fat and I have learned that lots and lots of cardio really does help them lean out, HOWEVER I can't spend my entire off season only doing cardio.  Can I?  My upper body also gets very "muscular" very easily.  I don't know the route I will take at this point.  I just know that I need to come up with a plan because this whole "take it as I go" thing just isn't cutting it for me.  I feel like a lost soul ;)  I guess my main concern is figuring out what the right amount of cardio vs. weights should be for me, and really what the heck do they want from us Bikini girls?  The pro's are all a little more muscular but in these shows they are picking the "softer" girls in some cases... so what do I do?

As far as my diet goes, it will not be as strict.  I ate dinner with my family the other night, as in I ate what I made for them... not what I made for me while they ate what I made for them.  It was the WEIRDEST thing ever.  My husband was dishing up his plate and he looked at me and said "oh, are you eating the same thing as us?" and I said "um... yeah... I am" and he said "oh... okay... I am just not used to saving any food for anyone else!"  LOL.. then my kids both said "MOM, your eating the same thing as us!" as excited as could be.  It has been a really long time since I haven't made two meals every night.  I kinda liked it.  So, my plan will be of course to eat clean, but allow myself that little bit of freedom to enjoy myself and eat with my family here and there too!

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  1. OMG your body sounds exactly like mine! I have really muscular legs, but it's also where I carry a lot of fat. And I put on muscle very quickly in my upper body! You have time to experiment so don't feel tied down to following one approach from now until the next comp.

    I'm so lucky my husband eats the same as me! I'd go nuts if I had to cook him separate food. You must have great willpower!!