Saturday, October 8, 2011

Room Swap...

As you read this, I am competing in the NPC competition... just thought I would get a post ready for you anyway.

I mentioned last week that we were doing a "room swap" in my house.  My son had this "bigger" than ours bedroom and the bathroom outside his room was remodeled before we bought the house.  It is way nicer than the not remodeled "master" bathroom from the 50's.  We decided that dang it we deserve a better space, there are TWO of us and one of him and as it was I was sharing the other bathroom with my daughter because it was bigger.  My husband and I haven't shared a bathroom in YEARS.   Our "master" bedroom is TEENY TINY, the closet is laughable and my son's is bigger with more storage.  It was a no brainer... but a much bigger chore than we imagined.  First we had to paint.  We left the blue wall in the master but changed the tan to white for him.  Then we had to paint his room from dark grey to our colors.  We opted for a brown suede and the same blue.  Moving the furniture around was TOUGH.  We had to literally take everything apart to get it up and down stairs, around hallways.  But it was worth it.  We are still working on a few things, some molding, the window treatments aren't totally done yet but here is the progress so far.  I love it!

This is Peyton's new room!

This bathroom is beyond disgusting.  I promise I have cleaned it since.  Swear!

 Moving on... the new master suite... I say suite because we now have an entire floor of the house to OURSELVES.  Oh yeah... be jealous.  It is pretty dang sweet if I do say so myself.  I realize there are only a couple of angles on these pictures.  Truth is, my camera wouldn't unzoom (word?) enough to get the whole effect but this is basically it.  The other side of the room has our dresser.  We need to invest in a little more decor now that we can fit it, and finish the window treatment!

This is the temporary window treatment.  My husband made the cornice, we just need to get new curtains.  

The new "MASTER" bath... he he he... I need to do some decorating but here it is.

Our big shower.  Love!

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