Friday, September 9, 2011



I know your all DYING to know... the tooth is out. BIG SIGH OF RELIEF. After gagging at her every time she talked to me for an entire day she was playing outside when suddenly the tooth was sitting on her lip. I can only imagine how hilarious it was when she looked at her cousin and said "I sink my toof fell out" through gritted teeth. Oh the joy that little sweet pea brings to my life!

Until the next one.....

I met with my posing coach today and we figured out my posing routine. I feel SO MUCH BETTER now I just have to practice. I have hit my poses at least 200 times today. I walk into a room with my sexy swagger and pose, pose, pose (vogue)! Ha ha... my husband is going to think I have lost my mind. I have to get them nailed into my brain. I am so afraid that out of habit I will walk out and nail my figure poses instead of the bikini poses. Wouldn't that be embarrassing? Now the joy of wearing my stripper shoes while I vacuum, wash dishes and sweep... in my sweats! Hot, I know! Just the hour I wore them today my arches were cramping up. Owie! Must get re-acquainted with them :)

I finally ordered my suit today too. It honestly has been so hard for me to really decide on one but this one I just kept coming back to. I will show you... but not yet! I just feel like it is me! I can't wait to get it. I HOPE it fits okay.. two weeks to go! Whoop!

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