Friday, September 23, 2011

Peak Week Roundup

Peak Week roundup:

Monday: Started carb depletion, distilled water 1.5 gallons, cardio, cardio and weights. Tanning. Sugar shower, exfoliate with sugar to prep my skin for Fridays paint :)

Tuesday: Carb depletion continues, distilled water 1 gallon, cardio, cardio, weights. Tanning. Sugar shower!

Wednesday: Carb depletion continues (I am about to die at this point), distilled water 1 gallon, cardio, cardio, weights, tanning and sugar shower. My skin should be feeling pretty smooth and soft at this point.

Thursday: Start adding in carbs again, cutting down water to .5 to 3/4 gallons. Last cardio session in the morning, MAC to pick up foundation for show day. Found earrings. Pose, pose, pose, pose, pose.

Friday: Having carbs. Can't wait. Cut down water even more, time to tighten up. Nail appointment, Pedicure, pick up last minute food, prep food, get eyelashes, hair products, makeup, jewelry, pack up bags, TAN my brains out. I can smell the protan already. Try to relax and get ready for the show.

I haven't bothered weighing myself this week. I wanted to... just because I can see a HUGE difference in my body just from one week ago but to be honest I thought that if I stepped on that scale and it didn't say what I felt like it should it would mess with my head for the competition and I have worked too damn hard to let that happen. SO.... weight has been lost. Clothes are baggy, stuff that hasn't fit me in years... fits...
but as for that pesky number??? Still a mystery!

Been a busy week. I have never been so tired in all of my life. Yesterday the lack of carbs finally took its toll on my body and I am hoping that today I will get some rest and some much needed energy. I have a lot to do!

Here are my abs as of this morning. I know tomorrow they will look even better! I love peak week!


  1. whooo whoooo! almost there!!!!!
    good luck tomorrow! will be cheering you on from the east coast!!!!

  2. You look amazing!!! Good luck tomorrow :)