Thursday, September 8, 2011

Stage Fright!

I think this has been the busiest week I have had in a very very long time. I feel so guilty that I have been gone so much. My husband gets home and I leave... and don't return until 9 pm. Its killing me. Tonight is the last night I will be doing that to him, I swear!!! ;)

I have been busy with fun things though. Tuesday night I went to Boot camp with my sister, Wednesday night I went to a competition/posing seminar hosted by Sandy Hancock of Body By Sandy. That was probably the best thing I could have done in this prep. I woke up Wednesday morning feeling really "blah". It should be my TOM although last month it never came and this month I spotted for a few days last week and now... nothing... (don't worry, I am NOT pregnant). Its probably a combination of diet, exercise and the birth control pills I am on. Anyway, I woke up feeling achy, bloated, you know just crappy. I felt like I had gained 10 pounds over night. I felt like I was no where near ready for a stage in *gasp* less than three weeks. I DID NOT want to get up in my bikini in front of who knows how many other competitors and pose. I DID NOT want to do it. So I did what I felt better about doing. I wore biker shorts and a sports bra, HA! Take that wanna be TOM!

I am SO nervous you guys. I have done what... SEVEN comps but it has been over a year since I stepped on that stage. AND... this time the posing is SO different. We will be doing a 3 point walk. OH MY GOSH! I am just used to walking to the middle of the stage, posing, turning, posing and walking off. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeks! It will be okay. It will be okay! IT WILL, won't it???

So to finish off my crazy week tonight I have a bridal shower for my cousins fiance! I haven't met her yet so I am looking forward to that, plus I get to see my sisters again! BONUS!

And just in case you all were dying to know.... the drama queen in the house has yet another loose tooth... only this one.... this one practically falls out every time she talks, which is pretty dang disgusting. I actually gagged this morning when she was talking to me. She refuses to touch it though. I swear... I would just like to take her to the dentist and say pull out ALL baby teeth, lets get this over with.


  1. I always have stage fright! Plus, add to it that I'm a klutz! Yeah, show day could get ugly :)


  2. I have only been on stage once and we had to do a T-walk so it is all I know. Just have fun. It's more time on stage for the judges to see you! I got so nervous up there too. I felt like I was shaking violently! Luckily, my husband said it wasn't noticeable!

    That is hilarious about your daughter! I wonder if anyone has actually asked that of a dentist before? They sell fake teeth for know about them if you've watched Toddlers and Tiaras! FLIPPERS! You could just have those suckers yanked out and slap a flipper in there! LOL! (now I'm embarrassed that everyone knows I've seen Toddlers and Tiaras!) (another side note, I do not support that show.

    I don't blame you though, loose teeth totally freak me out!

  3. Ha ha, you are hilarious... I will go ahead and just throw this out there so you can be less embarrassed. I too have watched it once or twice (or maybe more). My daughter actually LOVES that show. She wants to be in pageants one day. I told her to start working out when she is old enough and she can join me on stage instead :)

    Gag #2 just happened. Ugh... that tooth has got to come out!