Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Hopeless in SLC


I think... considering... I have been pretty dang nice. For example when my husband went grocery shopping with me I didn't rip his head off when he grabbed TWO bags of chips and threw them in the cart (I NEVER, EVER buy them because they call my name). I also didn't RIP his head off like I wanted to when he went down the street and came home with a cookies and cream shake. I was nice. Instead I went to BodyCombat... TWICE in one day and beat the crap out of him. The other night while they sat around (they being my hubby and kids) eating PIZZA while I ate my chicken salad I didn't even punch his brains out when he said "Just have a piece, give yourself a cheat meal"... Ummmmm... yeeeeaaahhhhh right at two weeks out? The nerve.

Today I am exhausted. My carbs are pretty low anyway, but I have been in panic mode and trying to get in as much gym time as possible. This morning I ran 4 miles at 6:30 am, then I went to BodyPump at 9:45, I then got a bodywrap done because I have two left and thought what the heck it can't hurt, oh but that's not all, I also hit up the BootCamp class at 5:30. I napped in between, pretty much all day. I still feel MILES away from being ready to step on that stage in *gasp* 11 days... but it is happening. There is no backing out now. I am registered. Oh. Em. Gee. It sure didn't help that tonight I "tried on" the suit for the husband and I didn't really get the reaction I was hoping for. It was more like how you going to pull this one off in ten days? What was I thinking???!!!??? I am having a moment. A... you can't do this moment... A what in the world were you thinking moment. I think that in the next week I better see something pretty drastic happen in order for me to feel confident on that stage. I know that once the tan is on you already look a million times better but I don't know if a million times better is good enough.

Tomorrow is a new day.. a new BodyCombat packed day where I can beat the crap out of whoever I feel like. I am hoping that will get rid of some of this frustration.


  1. girl, i just posted on my blog and you need to read it!
    i so thought of you!!!!

    hang in there,take a deep breath,focus on the task at hand and do your best!!!!!!
    OH and great job btw for not killing your husband. mine does the SAME exact thing....
    except he will actually get in my face and eat a Reeces penautbutter cup sayin crap like "mmmmmm this is SO good"
    all i do is smile,curse him under my breath and then kiss the hell out of him so i get the chocolate taste....lol!
    so maybe he say that stuff on purpose?
    anyways,sending big hugs your way!!!!!

  2. Wow, I can't imagine if my husband did that! I would kill him! Lucky he's very supportive and if he eats any junk, he doesn't tell me about it or flaunt it in front of me.

    Good luck - you're almost there!

  3. Hang in there! Darn those negative thoughts! Get them outta there!! Positive thoughts only for the next 11 days! You can do it! You look awesome! You are confident! You are beautiful! You are ready! (and gosh darn it people like you!) ;)

  4. I totally feel ya on the husband thing...my husband is the worst eater in the world! He doesn't gain it anywhere! It drives me nuts, I look at food and it goes straight to my thighs and butt!! Grrr! That's what he tells me, just have one, but he doesn't realize that I can't just have one. You are amazing for everything you are doing, and you look great! You can do this!! I'm already cheering for you! :)

  5. Only 99 more days to go!!! Stay focused and give it all you have on this last leg of your journey before you hit the stage! Give yourself some credit for all you have accomplished so far and when you get out on that stage, just have fun with it!!! You are going to rock! :)

  6. Hang in there girl! YOu're so close and I know you look fantastic (even though I hven't actually seen you!) You are your own worst critic!! =)