Friday, September 16, 2011

One, two, three, four....

Two a days, three a days, maybe even four... who's counting? I'm not because if I did I would probably cry. I am exhausted and I honestly can't wait to get the next week over with so I can get on that stage! I look forward to next Friday. That is when it all becomes real again... the tan will be applied (my fav part) I will wake up Saturday morning to see all of the hard work I have been doing finally pay off (I hope). My diet has been the same for the last 3 week, we tweeked it a bit last week because I had only lost two pounds the first two weeks. I weigh in again tomorrow (scared to death) and see if the tweekage has helped. I feel a difference but the scale hates me so we will see!

My food hasn't been too hard but I would by lying if I said that I was 100% perfect in my eating. I do my best and I am most days pretty dang close to 100% but there are days... when you just need that little handful of cereal or that little piece of chocolate, you know just a little reward for all your hard work. I feel like I am at the gym more than I am home. That really to me is very sad. I know its because I really didn't give myself the prep time I should have. I came in late to the game so I am working extra hard to not make a fool of myself! What can I say? I want another one of these to add to my "trophy case"...

My ladies, aren't they pretty?

My sweeeeet sword... with which I did catch my husband playing with a time or two, they never really grow up. He had it mounted and got a copy made of the plaque to place on it!

This week has been a blast though. I have tried a few new to me classes at the gym just to get that extra push and have really gotten my butt kicked. Lets see... I did the Bootcamp class, which was awesome! It kicked my white bubble butt! I also did a class last night called Total Body Conditioning. HOLY COW... why did no one warn me? We had to do everything in hundreds.

  • We started with a weighted bar and had to do 100 walking lunges around the room, every time we paused or had to stop to rest we would have to drop our weights and do 20 squats. I DID NOT want to do that so I pushed all the way through my hundred, my butt was cramping up but I was not wanting the punishment.
  • We then did 100 shoulder press, again... every time we had to stop and rest we had to pull out 20 side raises with dumbbells. I will not admit how many times I had to rest. My neck kept tightening up and it was painful!
  • After that I think we had to do 100 squats with the barbell, punishment was plyo lunges. I pushed through the entire 100 on that one. My legs are strong. They have had to carry this booty around long enough ;)
  • We did Bicep curls with bar (100), punishment was alternating biceps with dumbbell
  • Finally we did some ab work, laying on mat, holding bar straight above you and doing leg raises. Punishment was sit ups.
Kicked my trash!

I went in early this morning and did some cardio, and I am about to head out and try another new to me class called Powertone. I have heard that I should be afraid. And I am. Tonight its BodyCombat, whoop whoop... my fav!


  1. Your ladies are beautiful and I can't wait for you to add another one to the shelf :)

    Happy Peak Week!


  2. Wow, that workout sounds completely insane!! It's crazy that they make you work the exact same body part as your punishment - it seems counter-productive to me! Ouch :(

  3. I know right? I think it was that added "Don't give up and just get through it" that pushed me though. We weren't expected to reach 100 on everything. Some of them I couldn't if I had tried (biceps and shoulders). I will say this though. My BUTT is so sore today it hurts with every step I take :)