Monday, September 26, 2011

Now what?

Comps over... so now what?

Well... I'll just do another one ;) Actually my plan was to do the NGA show (Saturday) and follow it with the NPC show in two weeks (Oct 8th). I have gone back and forth with whether or not to do this show for a few reasons. One is because its a little expensive, and secondly my husband could be out of town that weekend, and a couple of times in between which makes training a little more difficult with the kids. However... why not? I feel like I should just get it done, its the last show here until Spring, I am already ready, and with a couple of more weeks to prep (especially after the carb coma I am in today) I should be able to come in a little leaner, a little better!

So here we go again. I let myself be relaxed with my eating Sunday but here it is Monday morning and I am back at it. Cleaning up my diet even more than before, hitting the gym twice and making sure that I don't leave any room for failure, I want to WIN this time!

I PROMISE there will be more pictures. PROMISE!!!! I am dying to see them too... just waiting on emails!


  1. Yay!! Get after it! Looking forward to following along with you the next couple of weeks!

  2. I think you should totally do it!!

  3. Yay! You should definitely compete again and take home first place!!