Monday, September 12, 2011

Psyched Out!

Competing isn't all glamorous. What? It's NOT!

There is SO much that goes into it, stuff that most people probably don't even realize. When I am getting ready to compete I always hit this wall at about 2 1/2 weeks out, its when all I can think about is the poses, the stage presence, the walk, the shoes, FALLING, the suit, the tan, THE COMPETITION. I get myself so psyched out that I get close to talking myself out of doing the show. I do this EVERY. SINGLE. TIME! I worry so much about who I might have to stand on that stage next to and then I get really insecure. I don't sleep because the second I lay down I am posing in my head, walking, smiling at the judges, suck in your gut, stick your butt out! ACK! I swear one of these nights my husband will wake up to me smiling my brains out and posing in my sleep.

It takes over my mind. Last week I hit this wall. Wednesday I had myself talked out of it. I can just wait until October I kept telling myself. Give myself an extra two weeks. I felt bloated, pasty, and not at all, not even CLOSE to stage ready. That night I had this seminar that I was going to. It was a posing/competition seminar and it really helped me to just get out of this funk I was in. Seeing some other competitors, talking with them, realizing that we ALL were feeling the same made me feel more "normal" I guess. Friday I had a private posing session with Sandy Hancock. She is incredible. She is beautiful. Anyway, she really really helped me to figure out what looked natural for ME, not what everyone else would do but what I looked good doing. We figured out a posing "routine" and she was so sweet and complimentary and just really made me feel like I can do this. She made me feel ready! Gads, I hope I am ready! LOL!

Registration has been mailed. YIKES. I am two weeks out and scared out of my mind but so excited at the same time! Anyway, here is a little checklist of what I do to prepare for a comp. Just to give you an idea of what it really entails and what you will want to take with you to the show!

  • You need a bikini, very important :)
  • Tanning supplies, unless you plan to have someone spray you professionally. I have found the best results for ME are to do a couple to a few coats of ProTan the night before a show and the morning of apply a coat of JanTana Ultra 1. This stuff is DARK, it goes on a mahogony color. It dries quickly and will last a few shows. I spent about $60 on my tanning stuff (compared to $90-125 for a professional spray tan per show) and it will last at least 2-3 comps. Do not tan your face. EVER. It looks awful. Just get a dark foundation, a couple shades lighter than your tan and use bronzer. Looks more natural!
  • Along with tanning you want your skin to be exfoliated. I have in the past used the JanTana skin prep but I learned at the seminar I went to that you can use SUGAR, and from what I hear it works better than anything else. Shower, turn the water off and use about 1/2 cup of sugar, rub it all over and keep rubbing until it dissolves. Rinse off. Repeat every day the week you start tanning. I will do this next Monday until Friday! Can't wait to try it out!
  • You need to register for the show (two weeks in advance at the latest), and you need to get your Athlete card (whether its NGA or NPC or another organization). Some shows will allow you to purchase the cards on show day!
  • Shoes. VERY important. They have to be clear, 4-5 inch heels. No platforms
  • Bikini Bite. Also very important. This glues your suit to you so that you don't have anything popping out to say hello!
  • Hair/Makeup is so crucial, it all plays into your stage presence and overall look. Make sure you don't do anything crazy right before a show. No major hair cuts or colors that might affect your confidence. I always wear mine down, with loose curls. Makeup should be stage makeup, more dramatic than what you normally wear but you don't want it too overpowering. I tend to play up my eyes and leave the lips soft with a little color but lots of shine. EYELASHES are a must. Be sure to bring hairspray, curling iron, and a brush or whatever you may need for touch ups with you.
  • I like to have my hair done and most of my makeup applied before checking in that morning, gives me one less thing to stress out about. Two less things I guess! ;)
  • Jewelry. I always wear my wedding band with a pretty bracelet and some bling earrings. With Bikini I may wear more than one bracelet but you do want to make sure that it goes with your suit.
  • Vaseline, listen... when you are dehydrated and you are on stage for who knows how long and you are smiling the ENTIRE TIME your lips tend to stick to your dry teeth. Making your smile look a little freaky. I have pics to prove it. I learned to put Vaseline on my teeth just before heading out so that doesn't happen. Best. Advice. Ever.
  • You want some kind of oil to give you just a little shine on stage. In the past I have always used PAM cooking spray. It worked great for Figure but for bikini they don't want you so shiny so I am looking for something as we speak.
  • Something easy to slip in and out of that won't wreck your tan. A lot of girls wear robes around backstage. I usually wear a pair of loose pants (loose and baggy cotton pants) and a zip up jacket. Easy on, easy off.
  • A pair of flip flops to wear around back stage
  • A towel to sit on
  • I always bring my Ipod so that I can relax and clear my mind
  • You want to have your meals prepared and packed for the show day
  • water for sipping
I am sure there are a million other things I could list. Little things but these are the most important. I learned a couple of little "tips" at the seminar last week. One of the most common problems we girls come across when competing is the water splotches on our tan from using the bathroom. UGH right? Well it was recommended that we get a paper cup, cut out the bottom and use it like a funnel, no water spots, no splashing... NO TOUCHUPS... brilliant!

Any of you have any additional tips/tricks to add???


  1. Awe girl I hate to hear this! I'm SO glad you are moving forward though. You can do this and I guarantee you look awesome and are more ready than you think! I can't beleive it's only 2 weeks out though, whoa that went fast! SO excited for you!!!

  2. Thanks Lisa! ha ha, time FLEW by. I can't believe it is only two weeks away either.

  3. I think the best thing a competitor can do is attend those posing seminars and not for the posing but for the group therapy!! Glad you went. Glad you feel better! TWO WEEKS BABY!!

  4. kerryne, i'm totally feeling the same anxiety, lol. but i've decided to just give it hell and put my best physique possible on stage. i'm sure you're gonna kick some butt :) maybe a workout this week? hang in there!

  5. This is very helpful, thanks! I used to be a professional dancer and can totally relate to the lips getting stuck to your teeth haha but I never tried Vaseline! Great tip. I can't wait for my first figure comp :)