Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The post show Depression

The time in between competitions is probably the hardest part! Yes, for one day you are on a stage, your skin it tight, your muscles are full, and you are starving and thirsty... but dang you look good! No one talks about what happens after the show is over. I will tell you. Its called uncontrollable BINGE... we all do it, and then comes the "post show ten".... POUNDS.... yes... within a week most of us competitors gain at least 10 pounds. To go from the stage to ten pounds heavier is so mentally draining and traumatizing. Over the past year I think I have experienced every emotional roller coaster known to man. My poor husband has been along for the not so thrilling ride. Even my mom has had to see it (sorry mom). You can go from happy to I am going to kill someone mad in seconds. The post show depression is BRUTAL. I get in a "funk" for about a month, I don't want to see anyone, don't want to talk to anyone, just want to sit home and cry. In my pajamas (because they are the only thing that fits).

Your body goes through so much to get ready for a show. I don't think you can even begin to comprehend it until you have done one. Yet, I keep doing it. Its addicting. The feeling I get from being surrounded by all of those amazing women who work so hard, getting on that stage knowing that I pushed myself harder for this show than the last, getting recognized for all my hard work, accomplishing a goal, setting a good example for my children, all of these are why I keep on doing what I do. I absolutely LOVE the way I feel when I am leaning out and getting my body ready for the stage. I LOVE it! It makes all that awful stuff in between worth it!

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