Thursday, June 17, 2010

6 ish weeks...

Wow... what a great week it has been! Busy but great. I have had some of the best workouts ever. Michelle and I are really killing it at the gym. I am TIRED everyday! My diet is getting more and more strict, which makes me more and more irritable but I am trying to focus on the reason why I am doing this. I have not had my body fat checked and I have not weighed myself in MONTHS so I am honestly going by how I feel. Sometimes I think that is so much easier. I do not handle numbers well. I get really STRESSED when I step on the scale and it tells me something I don't want to see. My new favorite thing to eat (besides me oatmeal pancakes) is sweet potatoes cut up and broiled until they are a little crispy. Thank you Michelle for that suggestion because now it is all I want to eat! :)

Saturday is going to be awesome! I am heading to San Diego with a few fellow competitors to have a 2 hour posing/presentation session with one of the most incredible pro's I know Gina Aliotti. I am really looking forward to getting with her and having her help, advice and suggestions for my upcoming competitions. I need that so much right now. It is so hard to know what to work on when it varies from show to show. I never feel like I really know what the judges are looking for. Hopefully after saturday I will have no doubts.

I will be trying out a few new recipes this week too, so I will post them and let you know how they turned out!

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  1. I'm so glad your progress is coming along the way you want! Those sweet potatoes sound yummy that way too! Can't wait to see the recipes!