Monday, June 7, 2010


Holy cow... 8 weeks is going to FLY by. I have so much work to do still! My main goals for this competition are to widen my back, round out my shoulders, fill out my stomach a bit more, tighten my glutes, and shred the heck out of my legs. All of that in only 8 weeks. The stress has hit. I am excited though.

So, Saturday afternoon my girlfriend Amanda sent me a text asking if I was interested in taking one of our other friends places in a 1/2 Marathon.... ON THE NEXT DAY. My initial thought was "YEAH THE HECK RIGHT"... anyone who knows me, or has worked out with me KNOWS how much I HATE cardio. It is NOT my favorite thing to do. I LOVE lifting weights... I love the feeling you get from it but cardio? RUNNING? SOOOOOOO not my thing. However, I need it. A lot of it. After initially telling her no I started thinking about it. I could use the cardio. I could burn A LOT of calories. I could push myself to do something I hate. I need to challenge myself. So I did it. That's right. Sunday morning... bright and early there I was standing in a SEA of people waiting for our chance to hit the starting line. To run. 13.1 miles. Thats right. Me, the one who hates cardio. The one who has bad knees and uses it to get away with not running. ME. I did it. In exactly 3 hours. Whooooo hoooooo! And I was in PAIN. The worst pain of my life. BUT I DID IT. And I kind of liked it (shhhhh)!

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  1. Like it? You know you LOVED it!!! :) I have to give you crazy props for taking that on at all let alone SOOOO last minute. I never thot you'd actually say yes but i am glad you did cuz i was about to wimp out of it. And since we both hate running it think it gave us a new appreciation for it and one heck of an experience. Vegas marathon in Dec??? Let's do it!