Monday, August 1, 2011


Come on admit it... you love reality shows just as much as I do! :)

Like for example...... The Bachelorette!!! (If you have yet to watch, do not read!) I have to say, I wasn't a HUGE fan of Ashley in the beginning but towards the end of it I think she seemed more "real". I cried when Ben left. I felt like he was SO confident and I knew the second he started walking towards her, the look on her face just said it all and I was already hurting for him. BUT... I am totally a fan a JP. I thought they had something pretty amazing. I hope they last! They will make some cute babies!

Is it pathetic to admit that I was giddy all day knowing I would get to put my kids to bed and go watch it? Yeah. I thought so!

Who's excited for Bachelor Pad next week? Whoop Whoop!


  1. I cannot wait for Bachelor Pad to start! Even my husband said it looked like a fun show to watch! Can't wait!!!

  2. I am beyond excited. My husband pretends he doesn't like these shows... but I KNOW he does :) Whoop Whoop!