Monday, August 29, 2011

Lucky number 7

August is a very busy month for Birthdays in my family. We have 4, 3 days in a row. Yesterday we celebrated my Mom's and my big brother's (they share their birthday's). I am one of NINE kids, so any time we are all under one roof it is absolute chaos. Organized chaos. HA! Not everyone could make it but between us kids, our own kids, and our dogs.... we had a full house and lots of laughs. I love my family! It is hard to believe that up until just a couple of years ago I was lucky if I saw them once a year. We have spent the last 11 years living elsewhere, and it wasn't always convenient to come home often. It really is nice to be back in Utah and close to them so that we can have these times together.

I have four sisters and four brothers. I am lucky number 7! Coming from a large family has its ups and downs (would you believe that I have a brother in law whose name is Uppsen Downs?) TRUE STORY! Anyways, the ups are there is always something going on. The downs are there is always something going on. ;) Really and truly I feel very blessed. Days like yesterday remind me of this. There is always laughter, always jokes, always good times.

I think am ready to face this week. It is going to be exhausting. I have my new diet plan and cardio program (I am terrified of it too) and I am ready to get this body ready for a bikini! I talked with the lady who is doing my meal plan last week and she thinks that we can have me ready for the competition that is on Sept 24th, eeeeeeeeeeeks... I am just going to do what she tells me and see what happens. If I don't feel ready, no biggie... because two weeks later is the show I had planned on doing anyway! Here we goooooooo!

Update: After two days of "sipping" on the Synergy drink I got at Whole Foods I have developed a taste for it and I think I kinda like it ;)


  1. wow you have a big family!!!
    i am the last of 5 girls and i thought that was crazy,lol!
    anyways,i do hope the new cardio/nutrition falls into place for you!
    5 weeks is PLENTY of time!

  2. New exciting!!!


  3. That's exciting! How much cardio are you doing now compared to before?

  4. Well when I was doing Figure my trainer didn't allow me to do ANY until I was about 3 weeks out and even then it was moderate. So... now I am doing cardio 6 days a week, 45-60 min each, I am DREADING it, I am not a fan of cardio! Unless it is in the form of an awesome class anyway!