Friday, November 25, 2011

Two, zero, one, two...

Twenty Twelve.
Two thousand twelve.
However you want to word it, I have a feeling it will be a great year for me.
I can feel it in my bones ;)

Friday my husband and I spent the entire morning doing yard work together.  We raked up at least 10 bags of leaves, and drove them all to the landfill.  We spent our entire morning and into the afternoon in the car together which is sometimes where I feel we have our best chats.  That and in bed at night.  We got to talking about me and furthering my education, also about working and what my plans are for competing.  I thought that I would share those plans with you.

It was recently announced that Utah would hold 4 NPC competitions in 2012.  That is SUPER exciting to me.  The NPC card is so expensive and only good for one year so having the opportunity to compete more justifies the $100 for the card.  In California I was fortunate to pretty much be able to pick a month, any month and no doubt there would be a show.  So far there will be a show in March, June, October and the fourth has not been decided announced.

That brings me to my 2012 goals.  I want to compete in March and June here in Utah, get some more stage practice in and go to USA's in Vegas in July.  I want to see how I do in Bikini.  I learned when I went to USA's for Figure that I was way too small and would have to put on some more size, so I am hoping that with Bikini I can do a little better!  The girls at Nationals usually  have a bit more muscle than at the local shows (bonus for me), so we will see what happens.  I am hoping I can take one of these local events first.  I want it all baby!  ha ha ha!  I am going to spend the next couple of months focusing posing, practicing, coming up with my own "signature" routine, getting comfortable with the bikini poses so that I can just rock the heck out of the stage.  I am really excited.  Looking forward to 2012.


  1. How exciting! Sounds like you have clear goals and are focused on achieving them!

  2. Sounds like you have great goals! I'm sure you'll do great :)

  3. OMG!!! I was just looking for next year's shows in Utah!!!!

    I'm so excited for you - can't wait to see you take it all in twenty twelve :)


  4. You better post some pics and video when you compete!