Friday, November 18, 2011


Have you made you Christmas lists?

Here are a few things that I would not be disappointed if they made their way under my tree....

Kitchenaid stand mixer.  I want one.  So bad.

I would also be thrilled with a bread machine.  I am not picky on the brand ;)

Gift cards are always great!

We could really use some new pans too!

Funny how most of my list is cooking/kitchen related.  I feel like now that I eat "cleaner" I spend a lot more time in my kitchen.  Prepping food, baking rather than buying goodies, etc... 

I told my husband that getting me a new mixer is WAY different than the sham-wow he got me (HIM) a couple of years ago.  I won't be mad this time because it is something I actually want.  Ha ha ha!

What is the worst gift you have ever received?  The best? 


  1. The Kitchenaid mixer is awesome, I love mine! But my most favorite is my Vitamix! I had a boss that bought me one a couple Christmas's ago and it is the best appliance ever!
    Worst present: painting of an underwater dolphin scene. I don't even like dolphins, it was from a boyfriend i was having a long distance relationship with and when I opened it in front of my family they all started laughing!

  2. yes,i want that mixer too!!!
    and workout clothes
    and running shoes
    and one night of uniterupted sleep!

    worst gift?
    growing up in a family of all girls(5 of us),it was almost a right of passage to open up a gift on xmas eve,in front of the entire family-this so called gift is an underwire bra.
    i didnt get this gift until i was 17,and it was a sports bra...not a "real" one.
    first thing my dad said to me was
    "awwww! you can put that thing on backwards and it will still fit"
    ugh,talk about embarassing!

  3. LOVE my kitchenaid. It was a wedding gift from my grandma :) I LOVE IT I hope you get it

    worst gift. I don't even know. I hate everything :P

  4. Haha all my husband and I have asked each other for is Lululemon!! You can see where our priorities lie ;)

    The worst gift I ever received was a used pair of underwear...from my grandma!! Hahaha

  5. Oh, I want a Kitchen Aid too and a pressure cooker and a an updated "big" camera!

    I don't really have a worst gift. I love everything!

  6. I can't say that I have ever had a bad gift. I do find that I want more fitness/cooking realted gifts now. Get me a treadmill or some weights and I won't be mad..I swear! lol