Thursday, November 24, 2011


Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!

I am thankful for SO many things, not just today but everyday.  I am blessed with an amazing husband, two incredible children, a beautiful home to call our own, friends... oh my friends are just the most amazing friends in the entire world, the most wonderful family, I am just the luckiest lady alive!

I hope you all enjoy your day with loved ones.

This is one of the FEW Thanksgiving's we have spent with our immediate family because we have been away for so long, I am looking forward to spending the day at my sisters house with my family.  We will celebrate Thanksgiving with the in laws on Sunday.  What a great week.

Now I better get this bootay to the gym, they are having a "special" Body combat class for NINETY minutes that I would be crazy to miss.  Have to burn some extra calories so I can eat more food :)

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