Sunday, November 13, 2011

Not quite like I planned...

Story of my life.

First TOM has to show up, throwing me all out of whack and then this.....

I went to bed Thursday night with a plan for Friday.  Gym, cleaning, a little baking, babysitting and woke up Friday morning to another story.  Around 5 am my stomach was in knots.  I felt a little "off" but I managed to sleep a little longer.  At 7 my daughter was complaining that her stomach was hurting too.  She started the puking a few minutes later and didn't stop until Friday evening.  I on the other hand never puked, just felt like I was on the verge of doing so.  I even ran to the toilet multiple times ready to do so.  Every time I stood up, the room spun.  I was weak and dizzy and my stomach was a mess.  We both wound up in my bed, ALL DAY LONG.  I kid you not I slept off and on the entire day and so did Pajha.  I think I spent a total of 2 hours out of my bed.  That was little bits here and there throughout the day.  Pajha was sound asleep for the night at 8 and I was shortly after that. 

I am SO thankful for Peyton.  When I need him to be my big helper HE IS!  He is pretty independent anyway, but Friday he was AMAZING.  He made himself all three meals and never complained to me that he was bored or needed me.  He checked in on Pajha and I throughout the day to see if we were okay and needed anything.  He cleaned up after himself, and just let us sleep.  I feel really guilty that he was basically alone all day (my husband OF COURSE is out of town) and I apologized to him over and over and he would just say "its okay mom, I know you don't feel good".  What a kid!

So, after literally spending 24 hours IN BED and mostly sleeping the entire time we were in said bed I woke up at 3 am on Saturday morning and STILL felt a little queezy so I was nervous that Saturday was going to be another "sick day".  Thank GOODNESS Pajha and I woke up around 8 am feeling SO much better.  We got up, showered, finally ate some breakfast (our meals Friday consisted of a piece or two of bread, and a few sips of water) and we were on our way to my sisters house for a day of crafting.  Little did I know that it would literally take an entire day.  This is what I have been trying to tell my crafty sisters.  I just don't have it.  I mean, yes... I left with some DANG cute stuff, I didn't finish all of my projects and I was there until MIDNIGHT so I ended up having to leave one (the cutest one by far just wait until you see it) behind for my sister to finish for me.  Shoot.  ha ha ha  Here is what I did finish (with a little help!)

My Thanksgiving blocks... the coolest part about these is I turn them over, rearrange a little and get this....

 Love these so much.  

My little block Christmas Tree... I can make the blocks messy or straight, so fun!

My little snowman family... how cute are these?  Yes... the Daddy and the child are still missing arms... I am waiting for some twigs to dry since it snowed last night and I could only find enough dry twigs to finish the mom :)

I just love them.  I think they turned out really cute!


  1. Boo for Friday, but Hooray for Saturday! Those Thanksgiving/Christmas blocks are so stinkin' cute! (as is the tree and the snow family!) That's so great about your little man. Honestly, even though you felt guilty about him spending the day alone, he was probably like SCORE...I got the place to myself! ;) Glad you are feeling better.

  2. ummmm you are quite the talented crafts person!

    and men love being alone :P

  3. <3 hope this week is better for you! cute decorations!

  4. Oh no :( I hope you're all better this week! Your decorations are super cute!