Thursday, November 10, 2011

Good, bad... and ugly!

I am not really sure what I want to write about (which explains the lack of posts the last few days).  I have a lot on my mind, but not a lot that I really feel like writing about.  Make sense?

This week has been good, bad and ugly.

The Good:
I had a date with my husband.  FINALLY.  Funny thing living here in Utah we really expected to be able to date each other for the first time really in our entire marriage.  I mean, we have never lived close to family AKA babysitters.  I thought for sure that coming here weekly date nights would be easy.  NOT. THE. CASE.  Finding a babysitter is just as hard.  Everyone is so busy, its nearly impossible.  So when we do sucker someone in to watching the kids we take it!  Last night we went to the Puscifer concert.  My husband is a HUGE fan of Maynard.  I actually enjoyed the concert.  It was not as wild as I was expecting it to be.  In fact, it was very calm, and I loved the opening band.

The Bad:
Mentally, I don't feel great.  I will just leave it at that.  I started a new meal plan this week though so I am hoping that I can get this body back in the shape I want it in.  Those shapes do not include... circle, square or triangle.

The Ugly:
My TOM decided to show its ugly face for the first time in MONTHS.  It has not been pretty.  At. All.  I have been so bloated, so emotional, and honestly I wish it would go away and never come back again.  I know, probably TMI but that is my week folks.

I am looking forward to this weekend.  I have my hands full of kids literally all week, babysitting almost every day for someone in the family (ahem... your next suckers). Saturday I am looking forward to getting my craft on with my sisters.  All day long.  Much needed fun time.  I will post about our crafts later this weekend.  I am anxious to get some Christmas stuff made for my house.

Now if you will excuse me... I have decided that today I am going to go tanning.  I hardly ever go and when I do I cover my face with a towel but something about this 30 degree weather has my dying to go lay in a warm bed...............


  1. Sorry about the rough times! Glad you got a date in, though :)

  2. Sometimes life is filled with good, bad, ugly, and more ugly....wait...maybe that's just my life ;)

    Sending you hugs & sunshine for tanning from AZ!!!


  3. Aw I've been "clean" from tanning for almost 6 months now. I've started using a gradual sunkissed moisturizer but I miss the bed. I can't though....I actually developed a skin condition b/c of it - my skin is losing it's pigment like michael I think I'll just try to run more outside when the suns out for vitamin D now.

    also I never get to go on dates....I'm in dire need of one@

  4. At least there is some good. My TOM showed up for the first time in nearly TWO YEARS and it wrecked me with the hormones lol! Women's bodies are wonky indeed. Yay for dates! I hope you get more dates soon.
    Be well friend. :D

  5. My last date with the husband was for my birthday in September, we are in desperate need of another one!
    UGH on time of the month issues, mine is getting ready to rear it's ugly head. I'm crampy, bloated and just icky today.
    Have a good weekend!! xoxo


  6. Ugh, my TOM is just days away and I feel the same way about it leaving and never coming back! Hang in there! Glad you got in a date night!