Thursday, October 28, 2010

"Firm" believer

Pretty good week so far.... had a few really good workouts... the fact that I can't squat, bend down or sit without wimpering makes me feel oh so good :)

Anyone ever done "The Firm" videos? Can I just say that I LOVE them. I don't love a lot of videos. In fact I am pretty picky as to which ones I will waste my money on ;) Anyway, I have a few of them, and I haven't done them in a while but as I sat here Tuesday afternoon I just thought I am going to DO IT... just get up off this couch... put the laptop down... and do a video! I am so glad I did. I forgot how much FUN they are and how good of a workout I get from them. My legs were JELLO, my heart was racing, I was dripping in sweat and it felt amazing! Now I am reminded that I don't NEED a gym to feel good, I can do something each day even though I can't make it to the gym.

So do you all have any favorite videos that you turn to when the gym isn't an option?

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