Tuesday, November 2, 2010

A Possum, Opossum... whatever!

I just posted this to my family blog... I found it worthy to share with you all too... welcome to a day in my life!

So... as most of you know BJay is away on business. Every time he leaves me for any reason some weird creatures show up to torment me. This is nothing new. It started back in the ARMY days. He would go out in the field and suddenly my house would be infested with lizards, or turtles would just randomly show up outside my door. True story. Strange. Well why in the world should this time be any different? So for about a week now I have been hearing things outside at night. Nothing too crazy, just the normal "creature" sounds. I am well aware of the 10 Raccoons we have living out there, but they hardly ever make their presence known. And when they do they are not nearly THIS noisy. So here I sit at night, all alone, kids in bed, TV on but muted so I can HEAR all the sounds and get myself so freaked out that there is no possible way that I will sleep. Why? Oh... I guess I am a sucker for TORTURE. So finally well into the wee hours of the morning I fall asleep... usually forced, with a headache and shortly after I wake up to annoying critters running around what seemed like at first was behind me (where just outside my bedroom wall is a little shed). UNTIL LAST NIGHT. Let me just tell you how this went.

Put the kids to bed around 8. Sat down to unwind, relax and watch Dancing with the stars. WHEN SUDDENLY... crashes, bangs, LOUD noises all around my house. I am now in a cold sweat, heart racing, shaking in my boots scared out of my mind. I rush to look out the sliding glass door to my backyard. Can't see a thing. So I calm myself down just to do it all over again. This went on for a while. I finally started chatting with my sister on Messenger. Asking for advice because by now I am in tears. Never been so TERRIFIED in my life. I kept imaging that it was crazy people trying to lure me outside to kidnap me. I know... I have a very active imagination... and I watch way too much TV. My sister who is ever so calm and not at all scared of anything mostly just told me to "RUN. COME HOME. GET IN THE CAR. CALL THE POLICE!". See calm. So as I am contemplating calling the police I decide maybe I should use the bathroom before I do. Just in case. As I am walking back from the bathroom I hear it again. This time I am right there by the window I rush over and sure enough there it is. A big HUGE NASTY Possum. This thing is HUGE. As big as a full grown cat. Back to Messenger I went to tell my brave sister what I discovered. As I am doing this there was another crash this time right outside my living room window. This scared me soooo bad that I attempted to run like hell only my foot got stuck in the cord of my laptop and my attempts failed when I ended up on my face. Awesome, you big chicken.

I did however feel much better at least knowing that it was a Rat on steroids and not a murderer, aliens or anything of that nature. Then I started researching this nasty creature, and what I read I did not like. Back to being TERRIFIED. I forced myself to sleep around 1:30 am, only to be awoken at SIX AM by the pitter patter of critters RIGHT ABOVE MY HEAD. Loud, clear as day... they are LIVING in my attic! The kids heard it too only they thought it was Thimbletack from Spiderwick living in the attic.

Exterminators come tomorrow. Not soon enough. I hope I can endure another sleepless night. P.S the pictures do not even come close to doing the size of this creature any justice. I could not zoom, it was too dark and my camera obviously wasn't happy about what it was taking a picture of either because it just would not cooperate with me.


  1. Aww, you poor thing! BAHAHA! <---I *have* to laugh, though, because your reactions sound EXACTLY like what I would do! I'd immediately have thought it was a) burglars, b) monsters or c) (God forbid) aliens! I can't STAND when I'm the only one in the house when it's bedtime. I purposely stay up as late as I can with lamps on and always sleep with a nightlight when my Love is away.

    I hope you get rid of those critters...fast! They look SCARY! EEK!

  2. Haha I had to laugh too, especially what your kiddos thought it was! LOL But definitely not cool! Are possums mean??

  3. oh! i too,have to LOL 1)bc what are the odds? and 2)my reactions would be the SAME!!!!
    gah! i do hope you get rid of those things ASAP!!!!

  4. April... mean or not they are SCARY looking. I have heard that they will show there teeth and hiss or play dead when threatened but they are not at all aggressive. Fact is... if it looks like a rat, smells like a rat... it has to go :)

    P.S... my Darling Husband told me to go get the ladder and poke my head up in the attic to see how many we are dealing with. My response was "are you OUT of your FREAKING mind? There is no way in hell I am sticking my head up a hole to COUNT possums... do you want me to have a FACE left when you come home?"

    Men! Ha ha ha ha ha