Monday, October 4, 2010

Sleep is over rated!

So.... this whole 30 days to me again... who's idea was this anyways? Ha ha! I had a rough time with my diet this weekend. ONLY because it was my time of the month. For some reason I have no control a few days before I start. I hate that. However today I literally had no time to eat much so maybe that makes up for it ;)

I did however make it to the gym 4 days last week. Doesn't mean I did a hardcore workout. A couple days of yoga, some cardio... nothing too intense but hey I made it right? Has to count for something!

Back on track this week though. I have to be. Time is ticking... those holidays are just around the corner... my husband returning... just around the corner. I owe it to myself to get my body back to normal for my own sanity! First thing I need to work on is my SLEEPING... meaning I need to try and GET SOME! I have not had a good nights sleep in I don't even know how long. UGH! If I have to pop some Nyquil or Unisom tonight I will. My problem is that I lay down and the wheels start turning for the first time all day. I could use those turning wheels so much more at work.. but NOOOOO... bedtime! Stupid! That and the fact that I have kids who are in and out of my bed all night lately too. Making me crazy. I think I have averaged 4 hours a night for two weeks now. NOT GOOD.

Baby steps. Baby steps.

I hope you are all off to a great start this week.

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  1. Oh, girl, I'm with you! I do the same thing- lie in bed and then my brain comes alive and I can't shut it off. I pop a Unisom or melatonin at least every other night. If I do not get enough sleep, I do not do morning cardio. That means I REALLY need to get sleep!

    I say, "Good work" for getting to the gym 4 days last week! Pat yourself on the back. Some weeks will be easier than others, but at least you didn't skip all together and you did something for yourself to stay active. As for the TOM cravings, oh goodness- that is when I reach for a VitaTop. I don't have any in the house now, but if my cravings are out of control for sweets, I pick up a VitaTop because they curb my cravings for chocolate and have really good stats and I don't feel guilty if I eat one:)