Tuesday, September 21, 2010

One of those weeks... or months....

Hey guys!

I feel like I have been MIA for so long now. To be honest I have just had a lot going on. Where to begin... kids, job, school, husband, maid, taxi, maid, chef, did I mention maid, chef (hey I never said it was gourmet), taxi, job, KIDS.... HUSBAND.... MAAAAAIIIIIIIDDDDDDD.......

... breath ....

So.. where was I? Been a little busy around here. Ahem. Last week we got a call that my husband was needed elsewhere for work for a few months. SO. NOT. READY. FOR. THAT. So he left Monday and honestly I am struggling. I miss him every second. Funny because the seconds he is home he drives me up a wall! (I love you babe). I do miss him, we have dealt with this sort of thing before but I think I like him much more now than I did some 7 years ago. I shouldn't complain because it could be so much worse. I just miss him. Sigh.

Other than that... there isn't much new around here. I had big plans... really big plans and him leaving just kind of threw a wrench in all of them. I no longer can do my morning runs before the kids get up. I no longer can drag them to the gym everyday after school because my 4th grader has hours of homework everyday, so I am going to start my plan B. It isn't my favorite plan but it will have to do until I can get a little more comfortable with being a single mom. Plan B is getting up at 6 am before work and doing an hour long video of some sort whether it is kick boxing or one of my other fav's (The Firm, 30 day shred). Do you all have any favorite videos? I could use some recommendations, or tips, advice... oh and maybe a maid!

Thanks for stopping by ;) Hope your having a fantastic week!


  1. I know what you mean about missing your guy.. mine has been gone for 1.5 years now but is coming home in Dec thank gosh!!

    I used to always workout with dvds before I got a gym membership! I liked Jari Love's DVDs a lot although they are high rep stuff.. but always made me sore!

  2. oh! my hubs left monday as well,BUT he will be back friday,and not months....and i so hear ya about being everything to everyone-maid,chef,chaufer,etc etc....
    just hang in there girl,do the best you can with what you can!!!!

  3. Hi sweets! I don't know how I missed this post!

    Gosh, I'm sorry your hubbs and you will be away from each other for a while:( That is REALLY tough and you have every right to feel overwhelmed and disappointed in the turn of events. Do ya'll have a webcam so that you can at least "see" each other everyday?

    It sounds like, in the meantime, you are making lemonade out of lemons and just making changes in order to get what you need done (like the DVDs at home). I don't know if you have 'Videos On Demand' but I sometimes go through the free videos when in the mood and there are TONS you can try!)

    HUGS to you!!! Here's hopin' the time flies until your husband gets back!