Saturday, September 25, 2010

30 Days to me again

This is it... I am doing it and I need YOU to help keep me accountable. I am starting a 30 day challenge (Monday). In this 30 days I have goals that I would like to achieve.

  • Keep a food journal
  • Exercise daily
  • drink more water
  • blog at least every other day
  • fit into my "smaller" jeans
I am in a real slump. My body no longer resembles that of a Competitor but that of a "soft" girl who doesn't work out. I feel awful. My husband is away and I want to blow his socks off when he gets home. I want him to come home to his "wife" and not this impostor!

I will not be weighing myself... I know that seems silly. You would think it would be smart to know what I am starting at but I am afraid to know what I am starting at. Does that make sense? I haven't weighed myself in a very long time and that is an accomplishment on its own considering I used to weigh myself up to 5 times A DAY. Stupid. I will be going by how my clothes fit, and how I feel. I think that is more accurate anyway.

So starting Monday expect more check in's... and updates. Wish me luck.


  1. you can do this chica!!!and no,you arent silly for not stepping on the scale.i know EXACTLY how you feel!!!

    do go by how your clothes fit,and maybe measurements??

    heres to a good rest of the weekend and a great start on monday!!!!

  2. yes, throw away that scale. It means NADA! We'll help you! You'll be feeling better in no time.

  3. Hiya beauty!

    First off, I can't imagine you don't already blow your hubby's socks off! Second, I think your goals are all healthy and attainable and I'm with ya! We can help cheer each other on:)

    I think that is great that you will not be weighing yourself. This coming from the girl who just wrote a post about my frustrations with the stupid thing. I drive myself crazy with this stupid number in my head and really need to focus on how I look and feel. That is the most important thing in life, not a number on the scale that measures water, bone, muscle, skin, etc..

    YOU'VE GOT THIS!!! :)