Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Day 3... I think

Still going strong. Today I didn't have to work although I have the sorest throat of my life. I still forced myself to go to the gym. I did TKB, and loved almost every second of it.

As for food, here is how my last few days have looked. Breakfast was 1/3 C Oatmeal with 5 walnuts crushed up and 1/4 C blueberries. YUM. For lunch I finished off my crock pot chicken that I cooked on Sunday for the week (chicken and organic salsa). I added 4 oz of sweet potato *broiled like fries, and a little sugar free ketchup with some green beans. Dinner was HEAVENLY tonight. I really went out on a limb and even put my food on my kids plates and guess what???? THEY LOVED IT. My daughter said "mmmm... this is soooo good" more than once. Go me, go me... oh yeah... uh huh! So here is what it was. I cooked up some ground turkey (I add one egg to it and mash it up good it makes it more moist). I then threw in a can of artichokes and also found at World Market today some delish artichoke and tomato sauce that was super low calorie, fat and no sugar. I mixed it all up in my pan, put it over some rice for the kids (I didn't have the rice) and some green beans. YUM! Made enough for a couple of days lunches! My snacks have been just little things. I had a frozen go-gurt because it felt really good on my throat and a handful of pretzels. Tonight if I get hungry I might make my egg white pancakes. We shall see.

Today I went to World Market, and found Torani SF Pumpkin Pie syrup and Torani SF Almond Rocca Syrup... how heavenly do they sound? I can't wait to try them out!


  1. Mmm that sounds good! I've only had artichokes once in a sandwich and it grossed me out but I'm dying to try them another way..maybe I'll give this a go!

    Are you aiming for certain amount of cals/macros?

  2. yay for you!!!!!!
    great job on the nutrition-hope your throat feels better soon!!!!

  3. Hope your throat is 100% well ASAP! Sore throats are the WORST, oh man:(

    Score on your dinner that is "kid approved" AND the Torani syrups. I don't know how I would enjoy my oatmeal and shakes without all the variety of flavors.