Sunday, September 5, 2010

Long lost love

What a past couple of weeks I have had. Shew! For those of you who don't know, I started working. Both my kids are in school all day so I found a job working as a receptionist at a very nice salon! I love it. Although, it has been over 7 years since I last worked I think I am adjusting pretty well. My feet ache and the gym has become a long lost love but I am hoping that now that I am adjusted somewhat I can fit the gym back into my daily routine!

I was sent a bottle of Tropical Traditions coconut oil to try out so I am hoping that over the next week I will be able to really work with it and post some recipes and my thoughts on the product. Anyone used it and if so what have you used it for?

Can you believe it is September already? Where does the time go? So here is a question for you, those of you who work full or part time and have families how in the world are you balancing all of that and the gym? I need suggestions. I feel myself getting weaker and I do not like it! :)

Hope you are all having a fantastic Labor Day weekend!


  1. Ah after this week my gym schedule is going to get weird too! I'm not sure if I'll have any days off..ahh!!

  2. ahhhh,going back to work! i know when i worked full time with my 2 small children,i had to wake up before the sun and hit the home TM...during my lunch hour i was fortunate to use our make shift gym and at night,when my husband didnt have to work,and after the kids were in bed,i was in he real gym,or at home running my heart out on the elcheapo TM....
    weekends was family time,but i would usually manage along run with the kids in the double seater jogger....
    once you take a look at your schedule and find where you can squeeze the workouts in without jepordizing family time,then you will be able to find the balance a little bit better!!!
    hope you can find out what works for you!