Tuesday, August 10, 2010


It has been a crazy month, summer, YEAR for me... I haven't even had a chance to sit down and write about my experiences with the two competitions I just did so I thought I would do that now. The first one was on July 24th in Culver City. It is a very familiar venue for me, I have competed there a few times. I didn't go into it 100% because I knew that the very next week I had another show... a BIG show. In my class there were 12 beautiful girls. I came in 3rd place. I felt pretty good with that placing. Of course I would have been happier placing higher but it wasn't in my cards! I met some really amazing women at this show (at every show), I love meeting and getting to know these amazing ladies. They are all so inspiring, all with such great stories and of course we all love to talk food ;) It was also really fun for me to have so many supporters in the audience. Some great friends came to watch. Thanks so much, it means the world to me to have such a great support team behind me. I love the friendships I have made here in California!

A week later.... it was off to Vegas. This show is HUGE... just to give you an idea of just how HUGE it is... in a normal local show there are usually under 200 competitors. Vegas had OVER 500! YIKES! Not only are there over 500 competitors but each one of those 500 and something had to qualify to be there. In order to qualify you have to place in the top two at a qualifying event. So.... yeah.... in my height class there were 40 girls from all over the country, who have either placed first or second that year. Talk about COMPETITION! These women were INCREDIBLE. I knew when I walked in that I didn't stand a chance. I am no where near as lean, or muscular as these women. I felt like I scrawny little thing next to them. HOWEVER I went into it expecting very little so that I could not be disappointed. I was honored to be there, to have qualified to be there is more of an accomplishment to me than I ever dreamed. Some family was able to come out and support me, my mom and one of my sisters was able to be there to see me for the first time, and Bjay's brother Jon and his wife Stella came out, it meant so much to me to have them there. I have had a great year and a half. Competing has been an incredible (although VERY hard) journey. I am so grateful to have such an awesome man in my life that supports me and stands by me because heaven knows how hard it can be to stand anywhere near a woman that is constantly dieting ;) Thanks babe, I love you!!! I don't have many pictures from Vegas, the photos that were taken and put online were AWFUL... the worst I have ever seen so I am not going to buy them. I do have a video that I may post... we will see....

Of course straight after the show we went to Applebees where I had the appetizer sampler with wings and a few other not so healthy fried things... and a blondie... ohhhhh yeah... should have taken pics of my yummy food. Darn! I also ended up sick to my stomach the rest of the day :( but it was so worth it!

Having said that, I am hanging up my clear 5" heels for a while. Ha! I need some time off, time to get my body back to normal (I HOPE). Time to enjoy my family. Time to be able to sit down and have dinner with my family... AT THE SAME TIME.... eating the same thing. I NEED to learn how normal feels again. I have had such an amazing time, met some of the most amazing women, and gone farther than I ever dreamed possible. I don't know when or if I will get back on that stage, but if and when I do you better believe I am bringin it!

ALSO..... I have to thank my sponsors. I was very fortunate to have two sponsors that helped me so much in preparing for these shows. Xango and Perfect Tan! THANK YOU SO MUCH, I AM SO GRATEFUL, I could not have done this without their help. If you would like any information on either of these two companies or their products do not hesitate to ask.


  1. You looked amazing missy!! 3rd place is awesome.. I'm so proud of you!

  2. You do look amazing! What an inspiration. Just found your blog - love it.

  3. WOWZA!!! Girlfriend, you're a stunna! Seriously, you look INCREDIBLE and 3rd place is an EXCELLENT achievement!!!! You don't know me worth beans, but this Texan (um, living in Pennsylvania HA!) is PROUD of you!!!

    I'm nervous as all get-out about my goal to make it to the stage. Each day I wake up and wonder what in the world I am doing and have to fight off the Doubt and Fear that are constantly whispering to me throughout the day. I often wonder if it's a huge mistake that I'm doing this on my own, because I've never even BEEN to a figure show (though I'm going to one October to observe!!!!) but I'm pushing through the doubt and hopefully will at least "blend in" HAHA!

    You are very inspiring and motivating to us gals that are striving to accomplish such a feat! In other words- YOU ROCK!!!