Sunday, April 29, 2012

My three T's

Saturday was a very busy day for us.  We had a few things on the agenda.  Ironically they all began with a "T". First stop was the Temple.  I went through for the first time. 

After that we had to go get my boys fitted for their Tuxedo's.  Boy did they look handsome!  Since our colors are brown and blue we decided to go with Chocolate Tux's.  I can't wait to see my handsome guys in them on Friday!!!

Pajha making sure everything fit right!

My handsome little man!

And this... is why we love her.  She is a riot!

After that we were off to the hospital!  My nephew and his wife welcomed baby girl TWINS on Thursday.  Words cannot describe how excited I was to meet these two little princess's.  Seriously it is all I have thought about ALL week.  I have to say that Whitney is an absolutely amazing mother, Jordan is the best daddy and Paisley is going to be a great big sister to these two little munchkins.  I know I have said this before... but I will say it again... I absolutely LOVE being a Great Aunt.  Welcome to this crazy family Rylee and Hadlee!

Nobody, and I mean nobody loves babies more than my Peyton does.  It is honestly the sweetest thing.  He literally turns to mush around them.  If I were crazy I would have one more just for him.  Thank goodness I'm not!  ;)

I believe this is Hadlee... she was 5 lb 6 oz 

This is Rylee, she was 5 lb 13 oz

This is their beautiful mama! 

The proud Daddy of now 3 girls... poor guy, ha ha ha! 

Paisley, the big sister... just amazing!

And this... is their favorite Great Aunt :)  

There you have it, Temple, Tuxedo, and TWINS!  What a wonderful day!


  1. Man those babies are CUTE! And you know how I feel about babies! They are so teeny tiny! Glad you had a great triple T Saturday!! xoxo

  2. Cute babies! So happy you guys made it to the Temple :). Can't wait for you to be a 'Forever Family'. :)

  3. awwwwwwwwwwww!!!
    congrats on the triple T!!!!
    and OH-EM-GEEEE!
    how stinkin sweeeeet are those babies!!!!
    these last few weeks for me cant go by fast enough,i want to meet my baby NOW!!!