Thursday, April 19, 2012

Things I never though I'd say...

Its been another crazy week for me.  Its always crazy when the hubby's away.  Seems like that is when life likes to throw stuff at me.  Two days ago I woke up to two lovely cold sores.  One on the upper lip, one on the lower lip, at least it evens itself out.  I never get them.  What the heck?  I am assuming that it is only because I am getting "bridal" pictures taken on Saturday.  Awesome.  Then this morning I woke up to wet carpet... no nobody missed the bathroom, it looks like our water heater is leaking.  Ugh.  What fun!!!  To top my day off I had to go to my son's maturation program with him.  Amazing timing my husband has, don't ya think?  I wish he had been the one to go.  My son is a prude.  I remember a few years ago (he was 8 then) when BJays sister got married, they were doing the whole garter belt thing and my son was SO MAD.  He couldn't believe that Nick would do something like that to his Aunt.  He was disgusted.  He actually got up, stormed off and cried.  Yeah, try sitting next to someone like that while they are showing pretty vivid pictures of male and female body parts.  Some things I never thought I would have to say.... "that's not a butt, its a penis", and my favorite "those are not boobs, they are testicles".  Sigh.  The fact that I have a child old enough to be hitting puberty is freaking me out!

If you haven't already read about my adventure this week with Janetha on her blog, you should!  I am loving GPP, and just to let you know any local bloggers contact Candice.  You could get a month free membership to try it out!  I think I might get hooked.  I love the different workouts, the intensity, and just that feeling of being around others, totally motivates me. Its a nice change anyway, and different from what I have been doing.  Loving it!

And I am off... I left work early for the fun "program" and I don't have to go back.  I actually get to wait for the repair guys to come see if my water heater is repairable or if we are getting a new one.  Good times!  I guess I will go do a little cleaning while I have an extra few hours in my day!


  1. Glad you made it through your week! That's pretty funny about your son. Workouts with girlfriends are always a fun way to mix things up!

  2. Oh geez. See, I never have to have kids! I can live vicariously through you! The GPP workout looks fun tomorrow, but it is already almost midnight.. maybe I will have to go AFTER work haha. See you mañana! xo