Thursday, March 1, 2012

Snow day!

I am SO looking forward to this weekend.  In almost 12 years of marriage, our "dating" has taken a major backseat (like its non existent).  Especially over the last few years.  In fact ironically we dated each other more when we lived in another country.  When we moved back to Utah I was just sure that I would FINALLY get to really date my husband again with all this family around.  No such luck.  Everyone has a life here, everyone is busy.  Humph!  It is hard to find babysitters, and time, and money but we have had a really rough year, and dang it we NEED this so bad so we decided to just say forget it.  We shouldn't spend the money but we just don't care.  We are going to Park City for the weekend, to be ALONE and to do some skiing.  I am beyond excited for this time. Thankfully my sisters agreed were forced to each take one kid.  I will hopefully remember to take my camera.. and hopefully won't get hurt skiing.  I haven't been in YEARS, the last time I went skiing was probably.... 14 years ago.  I have been snowboarding since then but not skiing.  It just so happens we are getting a bunch of fresh snow all week so skiing should be a blast on Saturday, and hopefully with some fresh powder my bum won't get too bruised ;)


  1. sounds like such a fun time with the hubby! I haven't even been married a year yet but I hear you. We hardly ever date. This ski trip sounds like a great idea!

  2. Have a lot of fun! Forget all about your "real" life & just enjoy each other's company!!!


  3. I hope you had an amazing time!!! You guys deserve to spend time with each other. Awesome.