Friday, March 23, 2012

King Kong

Seriously I am SO glad its Friday!  This week has been the longest week ever, for real.  Could be because my husband has been out of town, baseball season started, and customers just weren't very nice.  Its hard because I am usually the first person they talk to after the deal has been made, and I am the person that they generally choose to lay it out on if something isn't going their way.  Oh well... just glad its over and hoping that next week, with all the sunshine we are having everyone will be in much better moods!

So my  husband got to spend the week in New York for work.  Poor guy, he gets to go all over the place for weeks at a time sometimes.  I try to be happy that he is having so much fun but for some reason him telling me about spending an evening here....

While my day was spent getting yelled at, hung up on, and then told how "un-cool" I am from my kids all while trying to watch what I eat.... just makes it a wee bit hard to be happy that he is having SO MUCH FUN!  ;)  All kidding aside, I am glad that he was able to do some sight seeing while he was there but I am so ready for him to walk in that door tonight!

I am pretty excited about baseball starting, although I just found out that there will be 3 practices a week (gads, who has time for that?) I absolutely LOVE spending my spring/summer at the ball park.  As a child I grew up there.  My brother's all played (all three of them), my nephews played, my dad coached and my dad also played in an adult softball league so I literally was there day and night and it just makes my heart smile.  Peyton is also on a really good team this year.  Last year (the team was a joke) was his first year playing ever because of all of our traveling we really haven't had an opportunity for him to play seriously, but he is catching on quick and loves it.  It is in his blood after all!  I am excited to watch him grow and learn from this team.  Although first practice of the season a wonky ball hit him right in the cheek.  His nose was bleeding like crazy and he has a bit of a banged up eye but he took it like a champ and was right back out there playing as soon as the bleeding stopped.

Here's to the weekend (THANK GOOOOODNESS).  Hope you all have a great, fun, safe weekend.  I am looking forward to doing nothing at all.  Just spending time with the family!


  1. Sorry for your bummer week! But yay! to having a relaxing weekend! Enjoy!

  2. Leave that week behind you & enjoy your weekend!!


  3. ahhhh the weekend!!!!
    do enjoy it and YAY for baseball starting!!!!!
    we started soccer a few weeks ago for the older kiddos and yeah 2x a week practice and 1-2xa week a gamex2 = 4 practices and 2-4games a week...which is pretty mush all week at the soccer fields!
    anyways-kick back,relax,enjoy time with hubs and kids!

  4. Sorry about the bad week but yay for the husband getting home!