Wednesday, March 7, 2012

It Works!

So first of all skiing last weekend was a BLAST!  I haven't laughed that hard in a VERY long time.  It was something that my husband and I desperately needed.  More on that later.  Right now I wanted to share with you all something new...

A couple of months ago a friend of mine was talking about these wraps that she was selling.  I decided I needed to try one out.  I am a sucker for wraps and honestly LOVE the way they make me feel.  With the dieting and lifestyle that I live sometimes I feel like it does more damage to my body than good so a nice detox is always something that I am interested in.  I had her come over and do a wrap on myself, my sister and my niece.  Holy cow the next day, I felt absolutely amazing.  I really felt my body detoxifying.  I decided that I just had to get some more wraps.  I bought a box of four and used them in the course of a few weeks.  A couple of weeks ago I was contacted by my friend about possibly becoming a distributor.  I was hesitant because I am not sure how much time I will have to invest in distributing, but honestly after using the products I decided that I just had to spread the word.  I have tried a few different products and am loving every one of them.  If you are interested in learning some more or purchasing any of these products feel free to contact me, becoming a loyal customer gets you an awesome price.  Here is my direct website here you can read about the products, or place an order.  I would LOVE to answer any questions you may have.  I am so excited about this!

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