Thursday, February 16, 2012

My funny Valentines...

Its been a week... or more since I last blogged!  Sheesh, where does the time go?  I will tell you where, RIGHT DOWN THE DRAIN!  I swear I feel like I am flying around and nothing is getting done and now February is almost over with, and I am SO not ready for it to end.

My husband has been out of town for what seems like forever but Valentines day was still good.  He surprised me with a dozen beautiful roses, some chocolates, and balloons (all of which I forgot to take pictures of).  My kids made me the sweetest cards.  I felt very loved.

 Yes, I know I have the sweetest kids EVER.  (most days).  Insanity is still going strong.  It is still wiping me out, and I feel like I got my butt handed to me every time it ends.  I just started week 4.  Right now I am 5.5 weeks out of the competition.  I am feeling unsure if I will be competing in March.  The last month has been REALLY rough for me.  Lots of stuff going on in my life.  Although I have been still focusing on my diet and doing pretty well MOST of the time, I don't feel mentally ready. Although I am not mentally ready to make a decision on that yet either, ha ha ha!  SO... plan is to train like I am going to and see how I feel.

How is everyone?  I miss you guys!  Hopefully I can get back into the blog world, though I try to read yours everyday its been hard to find the time to sit and write!  I have tried a few recipes that I can't wait to talk about so I will try to get to that in the next day or two!



  1. Get on that recipe posting, lady. Sheesh, what have you been doing, working???? ;) Cute Vday cards!!

    1. I will I swear :) I have to make it again so I have a picture, lol!

  2. If you're not feeling like you're ready to compete mentally, you KNOW you can always wait!

    We miss you too! Sending you a big hug :)