Sunday, February 5, 2012


I haven't done a fitness update in a while.  A couple of weeks ago my husband was watching TV when he called me into the room to show me how awesome this infomercial was, it was Insanity!  He said "we should get this and do it together".  So.. next day at work I mentioned it and my co-worker said "Don't go buy it, just ask Janetha if you can borrow this copy" and she pulls out the whole program from her filing cabinet.  SCORE!  The next night we started Insanity.  We being ME.  LOL!  My husband made it through about 1/4 of the first workout, next day made it through 1/2 of the second workout, and then went out of town!  So here is my update.  HOLY KICK MY BUTT!  I am on week two, and still getting exhausted with every workout.  Its... INSANE but I am loving it and feel like I am already seeing results.  It came at the perfect time too because I had to work 9-5 last week, and my husband was out of town so I really had no time to go to the gym even if I had wanted to.  I still plan on completing the Livefit trainer.  I am about 7 weeks out from my competition, I have 7 weeks left of Insanity, and the last four weeks I will probably do phase 3 of the trainer and incorporate Insanity into it as my two a days.  Depending on how I am leaning out of course.

Have any of you ever done Insanity before?  I always wanted to try it but to be honest am not always good about working out at home, however this has become a fun thing because my daughter likes to workout with me.  So, she reminds me every day that we need to "work out".  She rushes upstairs to put on her "workout clothes", comes down with a bottle of water, jumps around and talks about how exhausted she is then we head upstairs and she will say "now I am in the mood to eat something healthy!!!" I love it!


  1. Insanity is awesome! I have a hard time sticking to the whole 60 days, but I do LOVE the workouts. I should try it again.

  2. I've never tried it but have only heard great reviews....


  3. I've never heard about it in Australia, but I've seen it on a couple of other blogs. Is it mostly cardio?

    1. Yes it is cardio... lots of plyometric type stuff. Its really great! I am always dripping in sweat!

  4. Your daughter is ADORABLE. I love that she works out with you. Awesome. :D