Friday, December 16, 2011

Jello legs and a new car....

This week has been crazy.  My husband has taken all of his vacation time.  Enough said :)

Workouts have been AMAZING.  I was doing Jamie Eason's 12 week trainer and starting at phase one, but as I started thinking about it I thought since I will be starting competition prep in a few weeks anyway I wanted to bump it up a notch and go straight to phase 2.  I know that people may not agree with this but to be honest I just wanted to push myself a little more.  I already have a lot of muscle, I wanted more intensity.  I was bored on the first weeks workouts.  I didn't feel like I was pushing myself.  Now?  HOLY heck is it intense.  I am LOVING it.  I can't walk still... two days after leg day and during my leg workout I almost met the floor a few times due to my legs giving out on me but it felt oh so good!

Good stuff.

My husband got me an early Christmas present yesterday.  We have been talking about trading our Jeep in for a while now.  Yesterday we went to look around and ended up coming home Jeep-less, and with a Chevy Equinox.  Its a beauty!  Fully loaded (Monday they are adding DVD player for the kids and tow package for the husband).  I am feeling pretty darn spoiled.  :)

I have a post that I have been working on all week, it is taking longer than I thought but I hope it will be interesting anyway.  I start work on Monday (training).  Sweet.  I am looking forward to working again!

Be back soon with more!  I will finish that post before the weekend is over.

Happy Friday!


  1. Congrats on the new car! And I think going right into phase two for you makes sense! I am loving and hating phase 3!!

  2. How fun that you got a new car! I think I should check out Jamie Eason's program. I've got some jello legs today and I like it!

  3. When I read through Jamie Eason's program the first thing I thought was that the first phase would not be anywhere near as intense as I would like! I think I should just rewrite stage one for myself and then continue with stage two and three. Yay for the new car!

  4. jello legs=awesome
    new car= awesomer
    driving with jello legs....not recommended,lol!

    probably a good call on phase 2,and congrats on the new car!!
    that was my early xmas gift last year,and it looks lik this year, hubs gave me another baby to help make the new car full! LOL!!!

  5. You deserve to be spoiled! Enjoy!!!

  6. Congrats on the new car!!!! YAY for jello legs!!