Sunday, December 11, 2011


First things first.  Thank you all SO very much for your sweet words concerning my last post.  I really appreciate the kind words and the way some of you really got me laughing.  Blog friends are the best.  Truth is, as much as I shouldn't let things like that get to me I do.  I take it as a direct attack on my parenting skills and gosh dang it I think I have two pretty amazing kids so to think that someone has unkind things to say about one of them REALLY hurts me.  Like really really bad.  BUT... it is what it is. Not everyone is going to like me (I am assuming that these comments are more of an attack on me than my little 8 year old) and that is OK.  Don't like me, but DO NOT talk about my kids.  'Nuff said :)  Moving on....

This weekend turned out to be pretty great!  It was super busy but great.  I found out that one of my really good friends that I met in California was doing a road trip and would be in Salt Lake City for one night.  STOKED.  I love my Cali friends (I love ALL my friends).  We met up early Saturday morning at the gym... where else?  That is where I met her in Cali why should Utah be any different?  We had a really great shoulder workout.  I am super sore from it actually.  After that we got ready and went out for breakfast!  It was SO great to see her and catch up on life.

I honestly LOVE my friends so much.  Its funny because growing up I never thought of myself as a "lots of friends" kind of girl.  I always had one best friend and a few others that I would hang out with too but really only ONE close friend.  My how things have changed.  I think as we get older we start to value things more, or maybe we just see things differently.  I guess I never realized how much I needed my friends, or how important their role was in my life until I got married and moved away from the only life I ever knew, I was just inspired for a post... it will come later this week!  Back to my weekend.  After spending time with my friend I came home and grabbed my daughter and we headed to the MIL's house to spend the day baking goodies with my two sister in laws and mother in law for our neighbor treats.  We made A LOT of cookies, rice krispie treats, and truffles, and left with an awesome variety of goodies to give to all of our amazing neighbors.  It was pretty fun.  Wish I had pictures of that.  Shoot!

Once we were home we assembled all our goody plates and as a family went and passed them around.  It was really fun, something that we all enjoyed.  Then... I got to go SHOPPING all alone.  I had this 20% off coupon for Kohl's that was expiring on Sunday and I need new work clothes (more on that soon too I promise) so my hubby sent me away on a shopping spree. Whoop!  Hope you all had a great weekend, and thanks again for being such great blog friends!


  1. Glad your weekend came to your rescue. Sounds like a good one. And you reminded me that I forgot to use my coupons at the Loft (they expired yesterday). Dang it! And that I need to get busy making some treats! I hope you have an awesome start to the week today!

  2. Before I moved to Colorado, I mainly hung out with my family and didn't have a lot of friends outside that. Since I have moved I have realized that having friends is IMPORTANT! I have made some great relationships since moving and the friends that I did have from Utah, those relationships have gotten stronger somehow. I have to try a lot harder now, but it is so worth it, and something that I obviously needed to learn!

  3. Kerryne, You are amazing and you have amazing kids...I love you and know...that mom sucks and is teaching her child to have no character!!