Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Oh turkey.....

What a day! I took today as my day off from the gym because we had so much going on. I had two doctor appointments this morning, had to be home for my furniture delivery, and my son had baseball tryouts. Today was business as usual with my meals. Oatmeal, chicken breast on a lite flatbread for lunch (only 8g carbs!), an orange, a piece of low carb sweet bread made using this recipe from April (clicking on her name will take you to the recipe)! I threw a piece in under my broiler so it would toast and used some spray butter on it. Pretty tasty! Dinner, I had some ground turkey with some chipolte mustard and Brussels sprouts. Don't be jealous. :) Something I learned about ground turkey is if you throw an egg white in and mash it all up before you cook it, it comes out SUPER moist and not dry at all. YUM.

I can barely walk today. Just have to throw that out there. My workout yesterday has left me in some serious pain. I honestly have to slide down the stairs... only problem is I can't slide up them. Day 2 is the worst... I am in a world of trouble tomorrow. YIKES! After checking out a few blogs I have some YUMMY recipes that I can't wait to try out to change things up a bit. I might even get a picture or two up here!


  1. Ooo that's a great tip about turkey- thank you!!

    And I hope you liked the bread! I'm going to try out your muffins you posted the other day- they sound awesome!

  2. April they are really good. I warmed them with a little honey or SF Jam on it and it totally hit the spot. The bread is perfect. Makes me feel like I am eating those carbs that I am not supposed to be eating :)