Sunday, April 17, 2011

Late nights and sore muscles

Happy Sunday!

I have had a pretty busy weekend. My son started baseball so we spent Saturday morning at the ball park. I have to admit it made me feel young again. I grew up on the ball park. No, I didn't play but my 3 brothers did and man I loved watching them. My dad also played softball most of my childhood. It was fun to see my son out there on the field. After that, the kids and I drove out to my sisters house to do some "crafting" which mostly means that I sit and watch her work her magic. And then I come home with some pretty cute stuff :) She is incredible. So talented, she will just get an idea and whala... a masterpiece. We, or rather she made Easter baskets for our kids. They turned out darling. We ended up staying over until 11 pm talking and crafting and time sure flies when we are all having fun! Needless to say today was "sleep in" day. My kids didn't get up until 10:30. Eeks!

My workouts have been rough this week because I have been so freakishly sore from my leg and back and bi day this week. Honestly, legs was Tuesday and I am JUST NOW... as in TODAY able to go up and down my stairs without wincing in pain or screaming. SO... my two leg days this week... was one... but it was a good one :) I have tried out a couple of new recipes this week. I made some no bake protein bars to keep on hand for those "moments" using oats, fitnutz, almond milk, cocoa powder, truvia and some sugar free PB syrup. I also made myself a stuffed green pepper filled with ground turkey, salsa, and artichoke hearts. It was really good. Most of my meals this week have been the same old thing. Oats, ground turkey with mustard and a veg or brown rice with chicken and salsa.

I hope you all had a fantastic weekend... here's to a new week, with new goals and lots of progress!

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