Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Gym, my second home

The gym is a very interesting place. I guess I don't always pay attention to my surroundings. Sometimes I am in "the zone" and honestly couldn't even tell you if I saw another person because I am so focused. Today however I was a little distracted and when I am distracted I people watch. Our gym is awesome. We have such a great mix of people. You have the group of men that are stuck in the 80's, and can't wait to tell you all about the new bar they found over the weekend, how the waitresses were practically naked, etc. Mullets, rolled up sleeves, sweatpants, the only thing missing is the headband and leg warmers. You have the group of young teens trying to impress the ladies, the ones that steal your machine and lay on it... while you stand there... staring at them... waiting for them to move... and they just lay there... resting... grrrr... the worst. You have that one guy who thinks he is the bees knees... walks around like he is the coolest thing ever, always has a new proposition for you because he is THAT cool. You have the cute little elderly woman who without fail is always sitting on the leg extension machine, makeup on, and every time we pass by with our walking lunges she laughs and says we look like the bobbsey twins. The girls who are there to impress, and of course the competitors... who are rapidly multiplying. There are so many now, it is fantastic. They inspire me daily. I love this place, I love my life!


  1. Haha love it!! Our gym is like a little family too! Except I go in the early morning so luckily there isn't too many equipment hogs.. but there are a few that make me angry!

  2. My favorite is when someone jumps on the second you step away. We had this kid do that to us, and he literally just hung there (we were doing hanging abs) and my friend says to him "excuse me... we were working here" and he looks at her and says "coo".... ha ha ha ha ha