Monday, January 28, 2013

Memory Monday

Another post from my old blog.  My kids were 4 1/2 and 7 1/2 at the time.  I really miss moments like this.  I am SO glad I have this blog to reflect on.

Seventeen things...
May 10, 2008

This afternoon Sunnie and I took our kids to the playplace for some fun time. They had a lot of fun, of course but I have decided that I absolutely HATE those stupid little vending machines that have toys in them. First of all, they are expensive, and secondly the kids always know what they WANT to get but since they never get that thing they end up crying over what they DID get. Today was no different. Peyton wanted one of those sticky hands, but ended up getting a sticky butterfly. Pajha wanted a fairy tattoo but ended up getting some scary monster looking thing. Which she was actually "okay" with. So we are in the car driving home and that is when Peyton saw what she got from the machine.... this is when I just sat back and listened and here is what I heard...
  • Peyton: "Pajha, will you please trade me? Look how cool this Butterfly sticky thing is... you love butterflies (which she REALLY does)"
  • Pajha: "I don't think so Peyton... I really want my tattoo... and it is your isponibility (responsibility) to get the right kind of toy"
  • Peyton: "Oh Come on Pajha... PLEASE? I will do anything you want!"
  • Pajha: "Like jump off a building?"
  • Peyton: "I can't jump off a building Pajha, I would die... but I will jump off something else"
  • Pajha: "Okay, like a bed then. So you will jump off the bed okay?"
  • Peyton: "Okay"
  • Pajha: "But that isn't all, you will have to do a billion things"
  • Peyton: "Pajha, I can't even count to a billion"
  • Pajha: "Okay.... then seventeen things"
  • Peyton: "Fine... I will do seventeen things, and then you will trade me?"
  • Pajha: "yes"
  • Peyton: "okay so what else do I have to do besides jump off the bed?"
  • Pajha: "Well... you have to clean my room, and I want you to wash my hair and brush it. I think you could clean the windows too"
  • Peyton: "Clean the windows? Pajha, that is moms job (oh really....) you can't make me do mom's jobs or she won't have anything to do (poor mom)"
  • Pajha: "Okay fine, you also have to make my bed, and wash my floors, and you have to draw me a picture of a beautiful butterfly"
  • Peyton: "okay, fine and after I do all those things you will give me the tattoo right?"
  • Pajha: "Yes, Peyton. You know what? I kindof feel like your step-mother or something"
It was really funny and I was having a hard time keeping my laughter hidden. This conversation went on for the entire 20 minute drive home. Needless to say we got home and realized that there were two tattoos on the paper and they decided that they would just each get one. That is when Peyton said "guess I don't have to do those seventeen things for you!" Guess not!!!